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Staff Directory - This will be updated over the summer to reflect the new grade level center staff at Denver.

Below you will find a staff directory for Denver Elementary including names, email addresses, Phone extension, and positions.

All staff phone numbers begin with 937-283-
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NameEmail AddressPositionPhone Ext. # (937-283-)
NameEmail AddressPositionPhone Ext. # (937-283-)
Shari Walker Shari Walker 1st Grade 7580 
Jennifer Thacker Jennifer Thacker 1st Grade 7593 
Kris Wood Kris Wood 1st Grade 7581 
Mindy Lohrey Mindy Lohrey 1st Grade 7592 
Beth Young Beth Young 2nd Grade 7590 
Nicole Corbin Nicole Corbin 2nd Grade 7583 
Amber Grigsby Amber Grigsby 2nd Grade 7582 
Laura Moyer Laura Moyer 2nd Grade 7591 
Sherry Hickey Sherry Hickey 3rd Grade 7589 
Natalie Steinmetz Natalie Steinmetz 3rd Grade 7587 
Kristin deFasselle Kristin deFasselle 3rd Grade 7586 
Leighanne Dyer Leighanne Dyer 3rd Grade 7588 
Lora Camp Lora Camp 4th Grade 7562 
Justin Stout Justin Stout 4th Grade 7564 
Lisa Geggie Lisa Geggie 4th Grade 7585 
Suzanne Gripenberg Suzanne Gripenberg 4th Grade 7563 
Justin Evans Justin Evans 5th Grade 7563 
Diana Camp Diana Camp 5th Grade 7561 
Derek Osterbrock Derek Osterbrock 5th Grade 7552 
Andrew Lefevre Andrew Lefevre 5th Grade 7553 
Doug Davis Doug Davis Art 7550 
Samantha Woodruff Samantha Woodruff Assistant Principal 7571 
Justin Goodman Justin Goodman Counselor 7573 
Melissa Krause Melissa Krause Gifted 7577 
Katherine Bell Katherine Bell Intervention Spec. 7578 
Ben McCoy Ben McCoy Intervention Spec. 7554 
Tiffany Wellman Tiffany Wellman Intervention Spec. 7578 
Jenny Geers Jenny Geers Kdg 7579 
Mary O'Boyle Mary O'Boyle KDG 7560 
Courtney Caparso Courtney Caparso KDG 7559 
Heidi Schriner Heidi Schriner KDG 7558 
Jennifer Hohenbrink Jennifer Hohenbrink Literacy Coach  
Carrie Peelle Carrie Peelle Math Coach 7570 
Deborah Murphy Deborah Murphy Media Center Aide 7568 
Cynthia Ahern Cynthia Ahern Music 7556 
Connie Wall Nurse Connie Nurse 7574 
Brad Heys Brad Heys PE 7555 
Karen Long Karen Long Principal 7572 
Lindsey Callahan Lindsey Callahan Psychologist 7571 
Angela Dallas Angela Dallas Secretary 7576 
Sharon Clifton Sharon Clifton Speech/Language 7565 
Amy Cochran Amy Cochran Title 1 Reading 7567 
Marci Huelskamp Marci Huelskamp Title 1 Reading 7567 
Alea Shope Alea Shope Title Math 7569 
Showing 44 items