Thursday Run Day

Thursday Aerobic Runs

A significant component of the District #39 Physical Education program is aerobic fitness development. While most days activities promote cardiovascular endurance, Thursdays are specifically designed to focus on developing the students aerobic fitness level. A specific day has been selected to allow students to prepare properly for this activity by bringing needed inhalers and or braces. We instruct students on proper diet and proper running form in preparing for the run. Weather permitting, students generally have an option of participating in either the Mile Run or the 20 Minute Jog. Students who miss a run will be expected to make up those runs. To help promote running and provide opportunities for students to earn additional points, an extra credit run will be offered each quarter. Obviously, weather conditions will dictate whether the run is an indoor activity or an outdoor activity.

20 Minute Endurance Run
The majority of the time, classes will run a sustained jog for 20 minutes. This activity is part of the curriculum design to help students achieve one of the Illinois state goals.

Physical Development and Health State Goal 20:

(State Standards are being reviewed and edited during the 2013-14 school year.)

Achieve and maintain a health enhancing level of physical fitness based on continual self-assessment

Learning Standard
Know and apply the principles and components of health related fitness.

Student will be able to sustain running for a specified time.

Eighth Grade – 20 minutes

80% of students will be able to achieve the goal
In the 20 minute run, students are graded on how long they can sustain a continuous jog. A student earns the percentage of points equal to the percentage of time the student actually ran.  For example, if a student stops jogging at the 10 minute mark of a 20 minute run, that student would earn half of the 10 points possible for each run. Students will be notified if they did not receive full credit for the 20 minute run.
Mile Run
Another department goal is to help students develop and achieve individual goal times for the mile run. Students must run a mile as a baseline early in the school year. After running their baseline mile run students are not required to run the mile again the entire school year.  If the student chooses to run the mile again they will attempt to better their baseline mile time.  If students achieve their goal, another goal time has now been created.  Grades could be affected if the student does not meet their goal time.  Things that could affect students from reaching their goal are a head wind around our quarter mile track or seasonal allergies.