Curriculm Overview

 Curriculum Overview



Movement and activity are essential components of total body wellness and academic achievement.  District 39 Physical and Health Education develops, integrates, and promotes enjoyment through increased knowledge, positive attitudes, healthy behaviors, and lifelong skills,  which meets the needs of all students.  Through engagement in individual, small group and team activities, students build confidence, promote positive self-image, and work to achieve personal goals.



Objectives/ Outcomes

 This curriculum has been designed to meet the objectives/outcomes relative to Physical Development prescribed by the Illinois State Board of Education and mandated by the Illinois State Legislature. In addition, the curriculum can meet all of the learning objectives/outcomes for physical development.


Students are graded daily based on Preparation, Productivity/On-Task and Behavior.

The distribution of grades in a seven week session are as follows:

Students Elective Grade is 35% (3 weeks in length)

Run Day is 20% (7 runs)

Weekly Grade is 45 % (4 weeks in length)



 Physical Education in Wilmette School District 39 aims to provide the student with:

1. A curriculum program, which will contribute to the development of individuals capable of living productive lives in a democratic society.

2. Opportunities for involvement in situations calling for mental, physical, and emotional responses which result in optimal and desirable learning of skills, knowledge, and attitudes.

3. A variety of learning experiences emphasizing the development of basic concepts, values, and behavior.

4. A curriculum content organized in a sequential and developmental arrangement.

5. An instructional program including basic movement skills, dance, games, body management, and sport skills.

6. Instructional approaches which deal effectively with the whole child.

7. A range of instructional aids: audio-visual materials, large and small group instruction, individual help, and interdisciplinary approaches.

8. Experiences that nurture and appreciation of aesthetic aspects of movement and the development of leadership.

9. Experiences that develop leadership skills

10. Continuous assessment to promote goals.

 Policies and Procedures

 All students will be expected to participate in daily physical education classes.

When extenuating circumstances prohibit full participation, modified activities will be provided. A written statement from parent or guardian requesting excuse will be honored for one to three days, after which time district policy requires a written statement from a medical doctor.

Students will:

A) Wear appropriate clothing and footwear (laced gym shoes) while performing physical activities. A prescribed uniform is required at the junior high.

B) Perform with appropriate safety equipment in safe environments.

C) Demonstrate ability to safeguard self and others while participating in physical activities.