Dance Expectations

1) Be on time, ready to go, and stretched
2) Must attend practice unless ill or have a valid reason given before the day of the practice to Mrs. Bocinsky (gym office).
3) Games are mandatory, you must perform at all games unless sick or a written note on why you could not attend and a parent signature. We have lots of formations in our performances and one girl not being there makes a difference. 
4) If you miss practices the week of a performance, you must meet with the coach.
5) No Gum
6) No phones during practice

7) Dress in proper attire for practice: workout clothes, socks, and gym shoes. It is important to have clothes that will allow for full movement and non-restricting.
8)  Be respectful to the team by coming with a good attitude and ready to work.
I look forward to a fun and exciting year!

Mrs. Lynn Bocinsky