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Welcome to WJHS!

My name is Steve Rish and I teach READ 180 class at Wilmette Junior High.

As a testament to the success of READ 180, students in my 7th and 8th grade READ 180 class in 2010-2011 year averaged a 300% increase over their peers in Scantron Performance Series reading scores!  As a result, I was one of 50 national winners in Scholastic's 'Read 180 Has Made a Difference' contest.

Results from 2011-2012:

8th graders
expected average growth: 70 Lexiles
actual average growth: 170 Lexiles 

expected 2 year average growth: 140 Lexiles
actual 2 year average growth: 212 Lexiles
largest growth: 594 Lexiles

7th grade students
average expected growth: 70 Lexiles 
actual average growth: 301 Lexiles
largest growth: 421 Lexiles

More information on both programs can be found here:

READ 180 Family Portal

System44 Family Portal

If you have questions or concerns at any time throughout the year, please feel free to contact me at or 847-512-6678.

Steve Rish, M.Ed

Learning Behavior Specialist

Wilmette Junior High School


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