Garbage Truck Meditation (SA-TA-NA-MA)

"Sometimes sounds help us to focus and add energy just like sounds are useful in the martial arts to add focus and power to kicks. I'm going to teach you some yoga sounds that will give you focus and clear your mind of everything that does not serve you as a learner."

"Say SAAH and press your thumb and first finger together."

"Say TAAH and press your thumb and middle finger together."

"Say NAAH and press your thumb and your ring finger together."

"Say MAAH and press your thumb and little finger together."

"Say it again. Now you are ready to graduate to BLACK BELT meditation and 

1. Say it out loud for about 1 minute

2. Whisper it for the same amount of time.

3. Hear it inside yourself while you continue to move your fingers.

TRY ANY COMBINATION and ask children to notice how they feel afterward.