Tension Release


Poses to Release Tension and Energize the Brain

Shoulder Shrugs
  • Hold your own hand and take a deep breath up through your nose and then, slowly, out through your nose.
  • Pretend a string is holding your head up so your neck is long and straight
  • Now breathe in and lift your shoulders up to your ears
  • Breath out and let your shoulders relax down
  • Repeat
This movement helps you to think clearly because it clears out trapped energy in your shoulders.
Neck Roll
  • Take a deep breath in, up through your nose
  • Pretend your head is a crystal ball. It’s fragile and heavy.
  • Right now, we are going to relax our necks and bring more energy to our brains.
  • Roll your head to slowly to the right all the way around. Breathe. It is important to be careful with our neck so be sure to move your neck slowly.
  • Do this slow, careful movement with care and go around once more.
  • Now, roll your head to the left slowly and repeat. Breathe.

Washing Machine

It’s time to wash some clothes. When we wash clothes we release tension from our upper spine. This helps us to feel more relaxed and think clearly.
  • Put your hands on your shoulders. Relax your hands and make sure your elbows are pointed out.
  • Find your drishti. Remember that your drishti is a focal point that you choose to stare at to help you concentrate and balance.
  • Now, move your arms back and forth from front to back. Keep your torso and your face focused straight toward your drishti.
  • Take deep breaths up through your nose and out again.
 Venus Stretch

Right now we are going to stretch and relax our shoulders and energize our brain.
  • Take a deep breath up through your nose and out again.
  • Clasp your hands behind your back as your breath in deeply.
  • As you breath out, bend from your waist so the top of your head is hanging toward the ground. Keep your arms clasped up straight over your back.
  • Continue breathing as you hold this position.
  • Before going back to a seated position, think about HOW you are going to get back up. Don’t go yet….
  • We are going to move each vertebra up slowly, one by one as we have a slight bend in our knees. Your head comes up last, slowly.