Yoga at McKenzie

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Hello fellow educators! As you may or may not know, my name is Kim Krumholz and I received a PTA Grant to become trained as a Radiant Child Yoga Instructor. I studied under Lisa Faremouth-Weber at Heaven Meets Earth Yoga on Central Street in Evanston.  Additionally, I had the good fortune to meet and assist Shakta Khalsa Kaur, the founder of Radiant Child Yoga, at Kripalu in Massachusetts. I teach 2nd Grade and I'm constantly looking for new ways to pass along strategies for students to calm, energize, relax or de-stress. The goal here is to bring you some useful poses that you can pass along to your students. Each series of poses will be for specific, desired results.

As I trained in yoga, and tried many different kinds of poses, I quickly realized that teachers do not need yoga classes. We need simple, effective poses that promote desired student behavior.  As students begin to realize that each breath is a new beginning, they begin to utilize their own breath throughout their daily lives. In my own classroom, I've watched my students grow into student yogis, empowered by their ability to control their own bodies.

All children will not react the same way to yoga, but my best advice to you is to start small and build. Consistency of a small movement or pose will instill a habit a child may utilize the rest of his/her life.

I dare you. Breathe...