Expectations, FAQs, & Helpful Info

All members of our classroom community are expected to uphold the WOLVES expectations.  We are respectful, responsible, kind, and engaged in learning.  If something is going on that might make it difficult for you to engage in class on a particular day, please let me know.  My goal is to support you in any way I can.

Absent?  Please check Schoology.  If something posted is unclear, you can can always ask questions about what you have missed.  I'm happy to help!

FAQ:  "Ms. Peterman, How can I improve my grade?"

This is a great quesiton! If you would like an opportunity to improve your grade, you can... 

...send me an e-mail saying something such as, "Ms. Peterman, I'd like to improve my grade.  Are there any opportunities to do that?"  Feel free to add any other information that will help me understand the situation.  

When I receive your e-mail, I will let you know what times I am available to meet with you before or after school.  Let me know what time works for you!  (In order to do extra credit, you and I must meet and have a conversation outside of class.  We will create a plan based on our conversation.)

To succeed in health class, listen to the following tips: