Expectations, FAQs, & Helpful Info

1.  RESPECT yourself and others.  Value all ideas and feelings. Actively listen when someone else is talking.

2.  PREPARE for class by arriving on time, ready to learn, with required materials.  Bring these four materials to class every day:

     1- folder or binder used only for Health     2- pen or pencil

    3- lined paper                                        4- iPad

3.  PARTICIPATE appropriately in classroom activities.  Take part in discussions and projects, follow instructions, behave maturely, and ask questions.  

Absence and Make-Up Policy:  You are responsible for getting make-up work from Ms. Kiefner after you are absent and for turning in the work you have missed.  If you have questions about any of the work, I'm happy to meet with you before or after school.  

Homework and Late Work Policy: If assignments are not completed and turned in on the day they are due, you have the choice to attend homework assistance after school on the same day the assignment was due or the morning after the assignment was due.  Homework Assistance is a supportive program (not a punishment) to make sure the work gets done!  We will have very little mandatory homework (1-2 assignments per rotation), but I am always happy to give you extra materials or assignments to help you learn concepts!

Grading: Grades will be posted on the parent portal.  If you would like to meet with me for extra assistance or would like an opportunity to improve your grade, please set up a time to meet with me before or after school.

FAQ:  "Ms. Kiefner, How can I improve my grade?"

This is a great quesiton! If you would like an opportunity to improve your grade, you can... 

...send me an e-mail saying something such as, "Ms. Kiefner, I'd like to improve my grade.  Are there any opportunities to do that?"  Feel free to add any other information that will help me understand the situation.  

When I receive your e-mail, I will let you know what times I am available to meet with you before or after school.  Let me know what time works for you!  (In order to do extra credit, you and I must meet and have a conversation outside of class.  We will create a plan based on our conversation.)

*  Two days before the last day of health is the last day you can meet with me about extra credit.  If health ends on a Friday, that Wednesday is the last day you can meet with me.

FAQ: When do we switch to P.E.?  

Great question!  Please click on Rotation Dates (at the top) to find your answer.

To succeed in health class, listen to the following tips: