8th Grade Final Project (We may or may not do this during your rotation.)

Independent Study Project
You will need teacher approval to do this project about a specific health topic.
You must provide your topic before the end of the day on Wednesday, May 27.  No exceptions!
how something works related to health
treatments for something related to health
causes of _______ (related to health)
ethical health issues
health inventions/advances
psychology-related topics
environmental health topics
the process of rehabilitation
the life cycle
anything related to the seven dimensions of wellness
a deeper dive into any of the topics we have discussed in class

This site has interactive resources for a variety of topics!

Health Professional Career Project
Click here for instructions:

What I Learned in Health Project
This is the project you will do if you do not choose the independent study or health professional career project! 

To make a screen recording, try: 


If you make a Choose Your Own Path...


Writing Project (This should be about a disease.)
Step 1: Decide if you would like to research a specific noninfectious disease or a specific drug and the process of addiction.
Step 2: Research, so you can effectively and accurately write about your topic.
Step 3: Write a story that weaves health content and a fictional story.
Step 4: Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite.  Use your peers to help you. 
Click here for the diabetes instructions:
Click here if your story is about heart disease:
Click here if your story is about cancer:

** Extension Activity** If you are done with your final project early, make a screencast of yourself reading the story.  You can scroll through the story or create a presentation to go through as you read it.  You will use quicktime for this and upload it to Schoology.**

Documentary Project (You can make a storyboard for a documentary about an approved health topic.  Try to stick to what we have learned in 7th and 8th grade.)
Step 1: Decide what topic you would like to explore.  It can be anything as long as it relates to the 8th grade health curriculum and is approved by your teacher.
Step 2: Think about some key questions that can drive your exploration.  Start exploring and have fun!
Step 3: Decide what is the most important and create a project.  
Click here for instructions:

This site will help if you are creating a storyboard for a documentary.