7th Grade Unit 4: Infectious Disease

*Scroll down to the attachments section to find the pages you need for homework.

First, after your test, read Chapter 21 Section 1 and take the quiz Ms. Kiefner handed out.  This is just to make sure you read it!  Read the entire section BEFORE taking the quiz.

Second, read Chapter 22 Section 2 and do the discussion post about a time that you have been sick before!  It's called "Sick Day!"

If you finish all 4 of these, (read, quiz, read, discussion), then play with the websites below!

As long as you are working quietly, you will not have to do the section review for homework.
If you are distracting yourself or others, you will have to do the section review for homework.

Click below to read complex but awesome information about viruses:

Click here for FAQs about the pathogen story!

Health Promoter?

Create a one page poster that convinces people to either avoid/fight pathogens or boost their immune system.  You should include at least one fact from a reliable source, at least one image, and your poster should be persuasive, neat, and easy to read.

Disease Researcher?

Fill out the disease research form from your google docs template gallery.  Once it is filled out, be prepared to share what you have learned with the class.

See the attachments section below for class resources related to our disease unit. 

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