Tech Crew Information

Tech Crew will meet Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3:20 - 5:20. 


o  Read Spring Musical FAQ with parents/guardians

o  Complete Online Tech Crew Application  with parent/guardian  è YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS FORM ON OR BEFORE DECEMBER 6

o  Sign Spring Musical Tech Crew Contract with parent/guardian è YOU MUST SUBMIT THIS PRINTED, SIGNED FORM ON OR BEFORE DECEMBER 6

                        Forms available outside the Drama Room, 110. Submit signed forms to Mr. Wilson in 119, or Ms. B or Miss A in 110. 

During the early weeks of Tech Crew students will collaborate to build the sets for our show! This will take place in the Drama Room. We need to make all sorts of fun locations and set pieces for this play, including....a magic carpet! 
After the sets are complete, they are moved into the auditorium. 
The crew then takes on the behind-the-scenes operating lights, sound, mics, and moving sets on and off stage. There are lots of leadership opportunities on tech crew!