End of the Year

The Green Team still has a few end of the year events still to go! We helped out in the garden this month. Green Team kids helped spread soil, plant new items and also created some awesome stepping stones for next year's garden!  They also met for their final meeting, where we wrapped up our tech recycling and pop tab collections for the year. ( Check out the Pop Tabs page for this month's stats!) 

We will be partnering up with the PTA to do one final collection of the year! As students clean out their desks and lockers they can choose to donate any new or gently used school supplies. Just place the items in the boxes in the lobby! The PTA will be sorting and driving the donated items to a local Chicago Public School in need. If you do not want your child to participate, please let your child's teacher know. 

Mrs. Dietrich and Ms. Potakis just want to say how incredibly proud we are of this year's Green Team. The kids were absolutely fantastic. They were eager participants in all events - and all events were thought up of by them! The extra effort they put in is incredible - staying in at recess to make posters, coming into school early to help with collections, taking time out of their weekends to join us at the different Wilmette events. We are absolutely blown away - this has been one of our best years and we couldn't be prouder. 
Well done Green Team! 

Sports Swap Day!

Our 2nd annual Sports Swap day was a great success! Our Green Team members helped students in our school reuse 33 different pieces of sports equipment! We hope all who participated had fun! 
(All leftover items were delivered to a 
Wings Charity Resale shop -    

Earth Week! 

We hope you all had fun celebrating Earth Week with us! Check out our Photo Album for some shots from the different celebrations! Thanks to our PTA for their support and help in making this Earth Week so special. 

Friday's Spirit Day was a hit! We had some super creative costumes at Central! If you have a picture you'd like us to add to our Photo Album please email it to Ms. Potakis at

Just because Earth Week is over, doesn't mean you have to stop being Green! 
Keep bringing trash-free snacks to school! 
Want to learn more about those endangered animals? Here's our list!  Endangered Animal List & Costume Ideas

April 1st - 30th - Plastic Bag Drive

Going Green Matters Fair! 

Once again, Central's Green Team took part of the District 39 booth at the Going Green Matters Fair. The fair is presented by Go Green Wilmette and the Village of Wilmette. It took place on Sunday March 11th from 12-4pm at the Michigan Shores Club. The Green Team kids were FANTASTIC representatives of Central School - we are SO proud of you! We also had a lot of fun walking around and visiting all the other booths to learn of new ways we can help our community (and the world!) be more GREEN! 

Check out some photos of the event here

The Green Beans met for the month of March. We had a special visitor - Mrs. Geoly came to help our kids start to design our Earth Day display! We will be partnering up with the PTA's Environmental Awareness committee to design two green houses that will be on display during Earth Week in the front of the school. The Green Beans had some great ideas - we can't wait to see which design becomes a reality! Pop Tabs were also collected.  

Some dates to know:

April 1 - 30th - Plastic Bag Drive! Bring your plastic bags to Central and drop them into the bins in the lobby! 

April 12th - Whole Team meeting

April 26th - Green Narwhals meeting

April 23rd - April 27th - Earth Week! 

May 4th - Whole Team meeting

May 11th - Sports Swap Day! 

May 31st - Final Green Team meeting :(

May 31st - Last pop tab collection of 2017-18 school year

June 11-15th - School Supply Drive

Team A -  The Green Narwahls
Team B -  Green Beans

Earth Week! 

Earth Week is quickly approaching! At our most recent meeting the Green Team members finalized our schedule, which you can see above. There will also be posters around the school with the schedule and all teachers have a copy as well. All week long we challenge you to bring a trash-free snack to school. Use those reusable containers instead of plastic bags!

Tuesday will be our Walk to School day. The Green Team kids had the great idea to have a scavenger hunt on the way during your walk! Play this scavenger hunt with the worksheet that will go home to all students on Monday. If you need another copy of it, download it here. Come to the front of the school to get an Earth Day sticker from the Green Team for walking to school! 

Friday will be our spirit day! This year the Green Team kids want to bring attention to endangered animals. You can dress up like an endangered animal or you can just make a mask. Click here for a list of animals to choose from, as well as some links for easy costumes, DIY masks and some information sites to read up on endangered species. 

The whole Green Team met for the month of April. We had some special visitors - Mrs. Geoly & Mrs. Cornwell came to help our kids start to create our Earth Day display! We are partnering up with the PTA's Environmental Awareness committee to design two green houses that will be on display during Earth Week in the front of the school. 

Going Green Matters Fair! 

Once again, Central's Green Team will be part of the District 39 booth at the Going Green Matters Fair. The fair is presented by Go Green Wilmette and the Village of Wilmette. It will take place on Sunday March 11th from 12-4pm at the Michigan Shores Club. Admission is free so come and visit the Green Team and have some fun learning about all the ways you can stay Green in Wilmette! 

More info at

Green Team Members: 
If you want to "work the booth" at the fair, please fill out the permission slip with Mom or Dad and bring it back to Mrs. Dietrich or Ms. Potakis by Wednesday March 7th. We will have a complete schedule to you by Friday March 9th. 
Go to the Green Team members page for more info. 

Contributions for our booth's presentation are welcome! Are you passionate about learning about the ocean? Do you want to tell people about composting? Are you artistic? Want to advertise for an upcoming Green Team event? (see event list below)  Make a small poster for the booth and we'll add it to our display! Check your spelling and make sure your facts are correct! turn in all submissions to Mrs. Dietrich or Ms. Potakis by Friday March 9th

Some ideas to get you going : 

April 1st - 30th - Plastic Bag Drive

The Green Narwahls met for the month of February. We talked about the upcoming Going Green Matters fair and started to brainstorm for Earth Week and beyond. Pop Tabs were also collected. Mrs. Dietrich and Ms. Potakis were VERY impressed with the ideas thrown out in the brainstorming session! Well done! 

Some dates to know:

March 7th - Going Green Matters Fair permission slips due for Green Team members
March 9th - Last day for fair submissions for Green Team members
March 11th - Going Green Matters Fair at the Michigan Shores Club! 12 to 4pm! 

April 1 - 30th - Plastic Bag Drive! Bring your plastic bags to Central and drop them into the bins in the lobby! 

April 23rd - April 27th - Earth Week! More info to come soon!

Team A -  The Green Narwahls
Team B -  Green Beans

September 25th - 29th - Environmental Awareness Week
October 5th: First Green Team meeting of the year!
October 6th: Green Team helps at Central's Outdoor Movie Night! 
Friday - October 20th - Green Team helped plant bulbs in the garden during recess. The bulbs are for spring and needed to be planted before the winter frost. 

This week is Environmental Awareness Week at Central! Check out the schedule above! Every day there's super fun ways to keep GREEN! Thank you to the PTA for partnering up with us to organize this week for our students! 

Our 2017-18 Green Team has been assembled! Notices were placed on student lockers on Monday September 25th. Green Team members received their pinnnys as well that day.
 We can't wait to see you at our first meeting on Thursday October 5th! 

For Members: 
11/18 - Click on the file labeled "Holiday Lights" for more information about our upcoming Holiday Lights drive. Green Team members - use the information on this flyer to create your own poster for the Central School hallways! Turn in all posters to Mrs. Dietrich or Ms. Potakis. 

9/28 - Click on the file labeled "Tech Recycling - 1" in the list below to see the list of tech items that we recycle. 

November 17th - Team B met for their first small group meeting. We finalized the first recycling event of the year - a holiday light drive. You can find more information out on the home page. Green Team members will be asked to create posters for Central's hallways for this drive. We also announced that we will not be marching in the Wilmette Holiday Parade. The group we were going to march with has bowed out this year and we cannot logistically get our group into the parade in time before break. We regret this decision. We did a pop tab collection and Team B voted to change their group name to "Green Eggs and Ham." 

October 27th - 
Team A met for the first small group meeting. We discussed some options for our first recycling event of the year. We also did our first pop tab collection of the year and set a goal of 10 nights stay at a Ronald McDonald House. This translates to 290 pounds of pop tabs collected for the year! Finally Team A voted to change their group name to "EarthWorks"

October 6th - We met as a whole group for the first time and talked about our goals as a Green Team. We discussed the rules for collecting pop tabs and how we should conduct ourselves as leaders in our school community. 

News Feed: 

At our final meeting, the whole Green Team was celebrated for all their hard work this year! Each student was presented with a certificate and will be recognized at our end of the year assembly in a few weeks! 

Green Team members completed their final pop tab collection for the 2016-17 school year, (see our Pop Tab page for this month's winners and our yearly total!)  and shipped out 16 pounds of markers to be recycled by Crayola at the meeting as well. 

Sports Swap Day was a success! We had 61 items that were swapped between around 35 people. Thank you to the Green Team students who helped run the show! 
Greta Z, Jillian G, Addie R, Emily L, Thomas R, Sam L - the day wouldn't have gone as smoothly as it did without you! 

For Green Team members: 

If you haven't turned in your pinny yet, you have until Friday, June 2nd! Make sure you turn it in to either Mrs. Dietrich or Ms. Potakis by then! 

One final event! On Wednesday, May 31st we will be doing a Campus Cleanup at recess to help prepare the field for Activity Day! This is voluntary, but the more help we have the faster it will go! If you're interested in helping, just meet Mrs. Dietrich and Ms. Potakis at the "bench tree" at recess that day! See you then! 

Some dates to know:
May 31st : Green Team members "Campus Cleanup" 
at recess
May 31st: Final Day for Tech Recycling
June 9th:  Green Team members get recognized at our 
End-of-the-Year Assembly! 

The Green Team presents: 
Sports Swap Day
Friday May 12th!
(see details above) 

At our most recent meeting, the Earthworks group created posters for our upcoming Sports Swap Day. We also did a pop tab collection. 

For Green Team members: 

Our last meeting will be May 25th. It will be for both Earthworks and Green Eggs & Ham groups. This will be our final meeting of the year. Bring your pinnys to turn in! We will do a final pop tab collection, wrap up our marker recycling for the year and celebrate all your hard work! 

The Garden needs The Green Team's help! 
 If you'd like to help get the garden in spring-ready shape, just go to the garden on Wednesday, May 2nd and/or Friday May 5th. Tell the PTA ladies that you're from the Green Team. They'll show you what to do! 
(This is completely voluntary, but we know they will appreciate anyone who can help out.)

Earth Week is April 17th - 20th! 
Earth Day is Saturday April 22nd! 
Green Team is sponsoring this year's Earth Week here at Central! We are so excited to celebrate! Check out the list of events below and the flyer for more information! 

The Green Team, along with the PTA EA committee, are proud to present this year’s Earth Week! Earth Day is on Saturday, April 22nd, but we will be celebrating all week long here at Central! Starting Monday, each day will have something different for Central students to take part in to celebrate and learn about the environment! 

Monday 17th: Lights Out Day - We’ll conserve energy by turning off lights in classrooms, hallways and around the school. Join in by turning out lights at home when they’re not in use! 

Tuesday 18th: Walk to School & Recess Fun  - Save gas and energy by not taking the car to school - walk, bike or scooter instead! Also on Tuesday we will have some fun events at recess! Sidewalk chalk will be available for use to create some Earth Day themed messages and drawings on the blacktop. An Earth Day scavenger hunt will also be available to take part in!

Wednesday 19th: Waste Free Lunch Day - Bring a waste free lunch to school today! Your goal is to have zero trash - pack your sandwich in a container, your juice in a thermos, a reusable napkin, etc. You could also challenge yourself to bring a waste free lunch to school every day this week! (This will also be the rain day for Walk to School Day) 


Thursday 20th: Nature Spirit Day! - Our theme for this spirit day to wrap up Earth Week is “nature!”  Wear a natural color (green, blue, brown, etc) or a nature themed outfit to school today! A shirt with an animal on it, an environmental themed shirt, camouflage, put flowers in your hair - anything that makes you think of nature! Get creative Central! 

Earth Tips: All week long we’ll have our (paper) Earths being passed around. If you get an Earth, read the “go green” tip on it, then sign it, and finally pass it along to someone else! On Thursday if you have a Earth bring it to the Learning Commons! The signed Earths will be on display in the lobby. 

Make sure to check out the “floral” display in the front of Central School!  It was designed by Mrs. Khanh Geoly. The Green Team and Student Council members helped to create everything you see out of recycled materials. Please make sure to look with your eyes and not your hands as most items are fragile. 

Of course we’ll also be reducing, reusing and recycling all week long! Check out the flyer below for more information about each day! The Green Team is excited to help Central celebrate Earth Day 2017! 

Going Green Matters Fair

The Going Green Wilmette group hosted their annual "Going Green Matters" fair on March 12th at the Michigan Shores Club  - and Central's Green Team was there! The theme was "One People, One Planet" and we were part of the District 39 exhibit! 

Mrs. Dietrich and Ms. Potakis are so incredibly proud of our Green Team members who represented not only our group, but also Central school, so well! We heard the day was a huge success and everyone that attended had a lot of fun! 

We are also proud to say that Central's own Nate Butkus was part of the display. This (hopefully) future Green Team member had his own exhibit to showcase his podcast, "The Show About Science." Our Green Team members were proud to see Nate represent Central School. 

Joanna Potakis,
Sep 27, 2017, 3:08 PM