What's On?

You are invited to join us for Saturday activities throughout the next school year.


Family Fun Days

Fun for the whole family! 10am - 12pm. The following dates are available for you to just turn up and have fun! Sessions are free and there's no need to book. 

2nd December 17- Christmas activities

Saturday 17th March 18- Growing

Saturday 30th June 18- Fun in the sun

Autumn Term 2017

Yellow and Green Room

This half term our focus is 'All about me'. We have been singing songs identifying different body parts such as 'head, shoulders, knees and toes' and 'If you're happy and you know it.' We have also been drawing pictures of ourselves on mini whiteboards and on paper, these have been hung up proudly on our display board for everyone to see! Our role play area is currently set up as a home corner where we have been re-enacting things from our own homes. We have also been drawing funny faces on the interactive whiteboard in the green room.
In the yellow room we have been singing the 5 little ducks song, using plastic ducks and real water as props. We have also had fun tracing around numbers using paintbrushes in the sand tray. We observed birds in the garden and put out a bird feeder, then in the classroom we made playdough birds nests and decorated pictures of birds.


The Blue Room

This half term our role play area has been made into a hairdressers, which we have enjoyed a lot. We are doing lots of construction activities such as bricks, blocks etc. We have also been doing fantastic mark making in the flour and glitter trays using our fingers. We will be concentrating on some jungle themed activities and have an exciting new jungle display up on the wall. We have been doing physical activities such as walking up and over the bridge we have in our room. Our working wall is looking great with lots of paintings up all created by us!


The Mauve Room

We have settled in really well into our new classroom. We have been:

-Playing in the small ball pool
-exploring the cause and effect toys
-having fun with the bubble machine
-going to the sensory room and playing with light up toys
-playing with playdough
-exploring the blue, green and yellow rooms.


The Nest   

We have been getting used to our new classroom. This half term our focus is 'Autumn'. We have been on a trip to the park to collect autumn leaves, conkers, pine cones etc, which we will explore further back in nursery. We have also had fun painting with conkers. We enjoyed being outdoors splashing in puddles and exploring the mud kitchen. We are also lucky enough to have an interactive whiteboard in our new room and have really enjoyed singing along to nursery rhymes on it.






Today we said a said farewell to Gilly, one of the Speech and Language Therapists. Gilly has been working at Willows for many years, and has helped hundreds of Children and their Families over her time here. She has made such a difference to those Children. We gathered in the garden which had been decorated with balloons, the children helped to give gifts and we sang 'Shalom' to her to give her a proper Willows send off! We thank Gilly for all her hard work and wish her a very Happy Retirement. We will miss her greatly.



We had the Kidsrome Farm visit us today. They brought along a Donkey, Sheep, Goat, Shetland Pony, Rabbit, Dog, 2 ducklings and 2 Chicken for us to see. We all had a turn at having time in the animal enclosure that was set up on the field next to the nursery garden. We were able to stroke all the animals, but we could get up close to Honey the rabbit and the chicken as the farmer got them out of their pens for us to see up close. Tickle the Dog was very sleepy, she napped a lot, but was still happy for us to pet her and stroke her. Some of us dressed up as farmers or animals...there was a Pig, a Bumble Bee and a Rabbit!