Contact Information

I believe one of the best ways to enable students to succeed is by making them accountable for their actions. Occasionally, this means regular or frequent communication between parents and teachers. I welcome this opportunity to help your child succeed. Having said this, e-mail is my preferred method of communication, but I understand that this is not available to everyone and it allows for misunderstandings. My prep period is from 2:18-3:10 and is the best time to reach me. If you e-mail me before this time, I can almost guarantee a response before I leave for the day. I rarely answer my phone while I have students in my classroom and make every effort to check for voicemails on a daily basis, but e-mail is the best way to contact me. Not only does e-mail afford more privacy while I have students in my room, I also check it occasionally from home in the evenings and on weekends depending on my family activities.

E-mail: bcadotte@willowriver.k12.mn.us

Phone: (218) 372-3131 x256

I am now on REMIND...Follow the appropriate link for directions.

Remind Class for English 7         Remind Class for English 8     Remind Class for English 12


M = Missing: still worth full/some credit (does not count against grade)

MI = Missing Included: but still worth full/some credit (counts against grade)

LI = Late Included:  NOT turned in and too late for credit (counts against grade)

X       = Exempt: does not count for or against grade for various reasons

blank = Turned in and/or not yet scored

0   = turned in, but no credit given for various reasons (note may be made by teacher)


Gathering of Great Minds Resources

Alternative Assessments slideshow with doc inserted https://goo.gl/d0yAEx (2017)