Welcome to the Rooms 9 and 29 shared web page.
Please check here regularly for updates on what is happening in your child's classroom!

Study Ladder

Your child will by now have a username and password for Studyladder.  This is an excellent tool for encouraging home learning in a way that is exciting for your child because it allows them to use technology that they all seem so keen to use!  Room 9 children have their username and password glued into their Home Learning book so please log in and let your child have a go at the activities on offer.  Room 29 children have their passwords and usernames glued into reading logs.

The classroom teachers will be checking the activities the children have completed regularly and the learning will be updated when appropriate.

Go to http://www.studyladder.co.nz/login/account

Library times

Room 9 - Wednesdays 1:30pm until 2pm
Room 29 - Wednesdays 12pm until 12.30pm

Please make sure your child remembers to bring their book bag and their library book every Wednesday.  If they do not return their library book they will not be able to get a new book until their previous one is returned.  Every child must have a book bag too and they will only be able to bring books home (including daily reading books) if they have a book bag to put their books in.

We have a wonderful teacher librarian, Mrs Gardener who plans library lessons for the children each week.  Library time will consist of learning how to use the library, selecting and reading books and a special teaching session with the classroom teacher for our ESOL children.

A very warm welcome back to all our children and families. 

We are already straight back into it with lots of fabulous learning taking place.  Our routines are firmly in place and the children are all doing a spectacular job in following them.

Our next inquiry - Patterns

From week 3 onwards we will focus our inquiry around patterns.  We will be looking at patterns in many different forms from patterns on animals, material, patterns found in nature and mathematics, and patterns in our every day lives.  There will be opportunities for the children to complete home learning activities around this so please check their book bags and home learning books for these.


Soon we will begin our knowledge-a-thon and the children will all be encouraged to complete various activities at home.  These activities could be based on anything from mathematics, to citizenship, to ANZAC to patterns.  Click the link below to find out more information.