Willowbank School offers a number of programmes to support our students and cater for their diverse learning needs.  In 2010 we recognised that the potential of some students was not being fully realised as some found it more challenging to develop reading, writing and spelling skills than others in their age group, despite the fabulous classroom teachers they had at Willowbank. 

In 2011 I began working as a Literacy Specialist Teacher providing small group teaching sessions to accelerate the progress of some of our Year 3-6 students. From 2011-2014 this was called the Self-Lit Approach. From 2015, with the knowledge I have gained, I am drawing from an even greater number of highly regarded and well researched programmes to continue developing individualised programmes for these students. I also work closely with the leadership team and classroom teachers to build our knowledge across the school. 

Many of my students have dyslexic tendencies and a few have been diagnosed with dyslexia. As both the daughter of a dyslexic man and the mother of a dyslexic teenager I have seen firsthand the challenges faced by people who have found the acquisition of literacy skills difficult and I have experienced the delight of watching my son finally beginning to read for pleasure, through the glass door of the shower, with his book propped up on the laundry hamper! He is now in the final stages of completing his degree in IT & Business Communications which I would not have predicted would be his future 10 years ago.

Take some time to look around the site. I will be updating it regularly as I find items of interest and I would love to know what you think.
Jo Thompson
February 2016
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