Willits Charter School History Fair

Willits Charter School is pleased to be holding a school history fair this May. All WCS history students will create a project for entry. We are looking forward to seeing projects that amaze and delight us. To help students, this site was designed as a reservoir of resources and guidelines to help each of you carry out and complete your research, create your project, and document it with your process paper and bibliography. Please make use of the site and ask if you need more help. (Two weeks after our school fair, projects will go on to the Mendocino County History Fair, May 25 and 26th at the Mendocino County Museum.)                       
(TJ, University of Virginia, 2010)
Jane has volunteered to help any students who need help finding their primary source materials. 
Abraham Galloway escaped slave, seaman, 
abolitionist, leader, freedom fighter, Union spy, politician