This assignment is also posted on BlackBoard.
Log onto and follow these instructions.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the "home" page and click "Classic Edition"
  • Select "Lessons"
  • Select "The Staff, Clefs and Ledger Lines"  - At the end of the lesson select "Return to main page"
  • Select "Trainer"
  • Select "Notes"
  • Select "Settings" in right-hand column
  • Select "Bass Clef" - Both Treble and Bass Clef should be highlighted
  • Select "Settings"  and "New Note" to begin the drill
You must answer 25 questions and display your best score in 25 questions even if it takes multiple attempts.  Print the page by selecting the "III" bars just under the score.  Click to print the page and write your name in the top right corner.

Turn in the printed page on Monday, Nov. 15 in class.  Failure to turn in the assignment on Nov. 15 will be factored in you overall quarter grade.

If you have questions email, or talk to me before the assignment is due.

Mr. "O"