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All of the route buses (except one) will drop off and pickup at Mary Welsh and Williamsburg High School each day.  The exception is Bus 4 and Bus 3 which are both involved with transporting LIS students. 


AM:  All the route buses will first stop at the high school in the morning to drop off Jr/Sr High School Students.  Elementary students who wait at the high school for a shuttle to Mary Welsh will ride the bus they currently ride to Mary Welsh.  All Mary Welsh students riding the bus will stay on their regular buses except for students on Bus 3.  Bus 3 students will transfer to Bus 4 to ride to Mary Welsh.  All LIS elementary students will ride Bus 3. 


PM:  Students will be picked up at Mary Welsh first in the afternoon.  Elementary students will board their regular bus except for students that ride Bus 3.  Bus 3 students will ride Bus 4 to the High School and transfer to their regular route bus.   All LIS elementary students will ride Bus 3.



Even though Williamsburg Elementary is no longer in use, we will continue to utilize it as a bus stop.  We will no longer offer any type of Express Bus.   We will offer two new bus stops.  These stops will be in the alley of the Presbyterian Church, and the south side of the LIS school.  These bus stops are as follows:

·         Bus 51/4/50   Williamsburg Elementary

·         Bus 54      Alley to Presbyterian Church

·         Bus 19    Circle Terrace/LIS at south end of the school 

·         W’Burg Jr/Sr High School-students meeting the bus at the High School should ride the same bus as they currently ride to/from Mary Welsh Elementary.


AM Bus Stop Pick Up Time:  7:55                  PM Bus Stop Drop Off Time:  3:40


If your child (ren) plans to use a bus stop, please call Mary Welsh Elementary @

(319) 668-2301 to register your child (ren) for a bus stop.  It is very important to register your child so that we have an accurate record to use for dismissal. As a district, we are excited about the move to Mary Welsh Elementary!  We also believe these changes will improve our transportation system.