Fill this out to reflect your involvement throughout high school.  Share with adults writing letters of recommendation for you.  When scholarships ask for school involvement, simply type "see attached resume" and attach a copy of your personalized WHS Scholarship/Recommendation Resume.

Every Scholarship That Has Come To Mrs. Wilkinson's Office
Any scholarship Mrs. Wilkinson receives via email, snail mail, or other form is copied and placed in the two round display racks in the reception area outside her office.  Digital scholarship opportunities are linked below.  **These slowly trickle in during the fall, and many more are added through the winter and spring months.

  • Darryl Jahn Scholarship (Beta Sigma Psi): for Lutheran males planning to attend Iowa State University
  • Iowa State University New Student Theater Scholarships
  • Iowa State University scholarships through Multicultural Student Affairs
  • Hixson Opportunity Award (for Iowa State University, need based, one award per county)
  • William Penn University offers the Iowa Pride Scholarship to Iowa high school graduates with a 3.0 GPA, FAFSA filing complete, who enroll at WPU as a full-time student the fall following high school graduation.  Scholarship is renewable by maintaining a 2.7 GPA and submitting the FAFSA annually.
  • William Penn University Athletic Bands Scholarship: $10,000+ awarded per student per year to play in WPU Marching Band and one ensemble - Pep Band, Winter Percussion, Winter Guard (contact Terry DeJong, Director of Athletic Bands, at 641-660-8620 or
  • Grandview University Art & Design Scholarship
  • Strayer-Rairden Scholarship: for students from Iowa in physics and astronomy at the University of Iowa
  • Kirkwood Community College Art Scholarship
  • The Simpson Promise: full cost of tuition is COVERED for qualifying students!
  • Graceland University: the Iowa Scholars Program awards financial aid packages covering full tuition for 4 years, as well as be assigned an alumni career mentor.  Students must graduate high school in Iowa with a 3.0 cumulative GPA and score 21 or higher on the ACT.  Application must be completed by December 3, 2018, FAFSA must be filed by February 1, 2019, $200 deposit must be submitted by May 1, 2019, and student must enroll full-time and live on campus.
  • Grinnell College: Iowa Access Initiative and Iowa Founder's Scholarships are for incoming freshmen from Iowa and provide generous funds for four years of education.
  • Mt. Mercy University Catherine McAuley Scholarship Program: awards full tuition scholarship, renewable for 4 years, to students who qualify.  A stipend to cover book expenses the first year is also possible.
  • The John Deere Tech program, offered through Northeast Iowa Community College, has partnered with Sinclair Tractor to offer $5000 in tools and $15,000 in tuition reimbursement. Participating students will be employed by Sinclair Tractor for 36 months upon completion of schooling to receive full financial repayment.  Sinclair Tractor will also donate $1000 to the student's high school FFA program!
  • University of Texas - Dallas: Eugene McDermott Scholars Program



For Underclassmen

Additional Scholarship Search Tools

Local Scholarships, Winners Announced at Awards Night (May 16, 2018)
  • If the application is a PDF, please TYPE all information, print, then submit as directed
  • Please fill out all applications completely, honestly, and in a timely fashion
  • Unless noted, submit application to Mrs. Wilkinson by the indicated due date
  • See video below for guidance in downloading, saving, completing, and submitting scholarships:


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Scholarship NameDescription/NotesDue Date
Scholarship NameDescription/NotesDue Date
Ed & Phyllis Begunck scholarship for students who have, and will continue to, participate in music March 9, 2018 
Iowa County Farm Bureau family must be Farm Bureau members, and application must be turned in to the Iowa County Farm Bureau office March 15, 2018 
Iowa Farm Bureau Federation family must be Farm Bureau members, and application must be turned in to the Iowa County Farm Bureau office March 1, 2018 
Joel & Barb Schaefer Memorial Scholarship application is online, so no need to print and submit April 20, 2018 
Joel Widmer Scholarship for senior baseball and softball players April 6, 2018 
Kiwanis Scholarship for all seniors, especially if plans include serving children and/or the community April 6, 2018 
Knights of Columbus Scholarship must be a member of St. Mary's Parish in Williamsburg April 30, 2018 
Linda Schaefer scholarship for students pursuing a major related to music March 9, 2018 
Mary R. Welsh scholarship must be attending a 4-year college or university in Iowa April 6, 2018 
PEO Scholarship for females with 3.0 GPA or higher April 6, 2018 
R.O.T.E. application EVERY SENIOR should complete this application! April 6, 2018 
R.O.T.E. criteria No need to print! This document only explains the variety of scholarships and their criteria available through R.O.T.E.  
Stellapolis Masonic Lodge scholarship all seniors may apply April 6, 2018 
Swigart Scholarship EVERYONE SHOULD APPLY! April 6, 2018 
Thomas L. and Mable Grace Jones scholarship all seniors may apply April 6, 2018 
WEA scholarship For students intending to major in Education and/or children of WEA members April 6, 2018 
Williamsburg Yacht Club all seniors may apply April 6, 2018 
Showing 17 items