Past Program (2018)


Coffee & snacks

Griffin 3


Welcome & introductory exercises

Griffin 3


Session 1A: Education

Griffin 6


Tehreem Cheema (Clark), “The gender wage gap in Pakistan”



Allegra Simon (Williams), “Internet access and educational outcomes”



Trisha Singh (Middlebury), “Site selection and external validity in RCTs” 



Julia Wood (U Vermont), “Gender ratios in higher education”



Session 1B: Networks & neighborhoods

Griffin 7


Jeanai Celestin (U-Mass Amherst), “Segregation and school access in Boston”



Jasmine Nakkab (Union), “Valuing transportation investments”



Gemma Wilkens (Clark), “The value of trees: a hedonic approach”



Yinga Xia (Williams), “Network products: the effects of trendsetters and uncertainty”



Lunch keynote: Professor Lisa Cook

Griffin 3


Session 2A: Migration

Griffin 6


Kathy Bi (Williams), “Migration responses to Hurricane Katrina”



Nino Kodua (Furman), “Immigration and unemployment”



Tamar Matiashvili (Middlebury), “The wall in the head: do institutions affect psychological dispositions?”



Ojaswi Pandey (Middlebury), “Impacts of civil war in migration and remittances: evidence from Nepal’s districts”



Session 2B: Growth & development

Griffin 7


Akhila Kovvuri (Dartmouth), "Workfare as social insurance: evidence from India"



Naomi Medina-Jaudes (Williams), “Intimate partner violence and wellbeing”



Ana Sanchez Chico (Middlebury), “Credible serendipity in an age of data mining”



Yingqi Zheng (Smith), “Macroeconomic policies and robustness to financial shocks: evidence from East Asia”



Mentoring panel: Fiona Burlig '12, Mayada Gonimah '10, and Cat Vielma '10

Griffin 3


Session 3A: Labor markets and the social safety net

Griffin 6


Louisa Abel (Williams), “Safety net programs and time use”



Amanda McFarland (Vassar), “Human capital depreciation and women’s occupational sorting”



Lauren Rayson (U Vermont), “Benefits cliffs: evidence from Vermont”



Baiyu Zhou (Colgate), “Productivity and worker quitting behavior”



Session 3B: Drugs, looting, and price gouging

Griffin 7


Dolly Bai (Williams), “Policy remedies for antiquities looting”



Virginie Caspard (Middlebury), “Anti-price gouging laws”



Helen Gu (Dartmouth), “Marijuana access and opioid supply”



Abigail Matthew (Williams), “Marijuana legalization and poverty”



Final mentoring exercises & closing

Griffin 3


Dinner for presenters

Public Restaurant

(North Adams)