Past Program (2017)

2017 Schedule:

9:30am – 10am

Coffee and snacks

Griffin 3

10am – 10:50am

Welcome and introductory exercises

Griffin 3

11am – 12:15pm

Session 1: Development

Griffin 3

Hannah Blackburn (Middlebury), “African Institutions and Child Hunger”

Gina Joseph (Colgate), “Child Marriage in India and Legislative Reservations”

Robin Park (Williams), “No Toilet, No Bride”

12:15pm – 1:25pm

Lunch with keynote speech by Kaye Husbands Fealing, "Pathways to Broadening Participation in Economics and other STEM Fields."

Griffin 3

1:35pm – 2:50pm

Parallel Sessions 2A and 2B

Parallel Sessions 2A: Finance and Trade

Griffin 6

Emily E Baczyk (Yale), “An Agent-Based Model of Information Propagation in Heterogeneous Populations”

Helene Hall (Williams), “The effect of network trade on international flows and pricing of financial assets”

Giulia Filocca (Williams), “The Impact of International Trade on Economic Growth in Africa (1960-)”

1:35pm – 2:50pm

Parallel Sessions 2B: Public Policy and Modeling

Griffin 7

Dayana Baez and Patricia McGuire (Skidmore), “Agent-based modeling as a tool for policymakers in water-scarce communities”

Ji Hong Park (Amherst), “An Evaluation of Online Review Systems in Peer-to-Peer Markets”

Camila Magendzo (Williams), “The effect of the public transportation system on PM10 levels in Santiago, Chile”

Madison Haas (Vermont), “Assessing Effectiveness of Policies that Promote Renewable Energy: Contrasting Theory and Practice”

3pm – 4pm

Mentoring panel with alumnae Arsema Abegaz, Rebecca Lewis, Erica Moszkowski, and Lucy Page

Griffin 3

4:10pm – 5:25pm

Parallel Sessions 3A and 3B

Parallel Session 3A: Labor

Griffin 6

Olivia Briffault (Yale), “Effects of the immigration of the Algerian 1962 Repatriates to France”


Amelia Ricketts (Yale), “Non-monotonic preferences across race and quality in employer callbacks”

Anna Conway (Colgate), “How Laws Affect Charter School Closures”

Audra Killian (North Carolina), “The Effect of Children on Women’s Wages”

4:10pm – 5:25pm

Parallel Session 3B: Health

Griffin 7

Audrey Thomas (Williams), “Mental Health Outcomes of Transgender People”

Srihita Bongu (North Carolina), “Is The Physician’s Off-label Choice Informed?”

Emily Su (Union), “Do Hospital Mergers Affect Healthcare Quality and Cost?”

Santa Ramirez (Colgate), “Effects of Violence Prevention and Attention Units on Prevalence and Perceptions about Intimate Partner Violence in the Dominican Republic”

5:25pm – 6:15pm

Final mentoring exercises and closing

Griffin 3


Dinner for presenters

The Log

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Nov 7, 2017, 8:44 AM