Programming & data

This page provides access to some of my empirical course resources for alumni and other interested users.

Cheat sheets are also attached below. For remaining questions, helpful sites include UCLA, Statalist, and Stack Overflow.

User-written Stata commands I like:

  • reghdfe /*quickly estimates models with many dummy variables*/
  • binscatter /*great way to visualize model*/
  • esttab/estout /*table output*/

R packages I like:

  • zoo # allows more types of dates (e.g. year-month)
  • dplyr # data wrangling
  • tidyr # data wrangling
  • readr # smart file import
  • stargazer # Latex/HTML/text tables; by far the best package for table output
  • ggplot2 # nice graphs
  • multiwayvcov # clustered standard errors
  • sf # spatial data frames
  • raster # raster data
  • tmap # easy, attractive maps