ardunix is a Open Source Arduino Operating System which aims to adapt the unix-functionality without any complicated source code. The entire source code is easy to understand for everyone who learns the C++ language.

To archive this ease, we decided to just emulate the AVR-Microcontroller. The negative point of this: One emulated processor-cycle, f.e. assembler opcode ‘ADC’, takes ca. 50 real (physical) processor-cycles on the arduino microcontroller.

But for educational or multi-processing purposes, this method of processor logic is acceptable.

Also there is a ardunix virtual machine, which manages every process running on the arduino with ardunix. Every virtual machine, which executes exactly one process, emulates its own processor and memory. This method is also not efficient, but a very effective programming method.

Pinmodes are also useable as usual, over the ardunix API.

15.03.2015: We introduce adxFS, our filesystem for block devices, which is extremly memory-saving.


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Ardunix is not yet available for download. Preview on request.

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Mike Wille

28359 Bremen


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