Your monthly HOA fee

You should receive coupons to pay your monthly assessment, or HOA fee, at your real estate closing. If not, coupons are available from our management company, Pioneer Real Estate Services, 512-447-4496. You can also arrange with Pioneer for Automatic Debit of the fee.

There is a detailed, legal explanation of how the fee is used in the CC&Rs, under Articles IV and V. Briefly, a portion of the fee is deposited in the Article IV fund to pay for the common expenses of the community. The remaining part of the fee is assigned to the Article V funds, which are used specifically for insurance for the building exteriors and the maintenance of the homes. This includes periodic replacement of all the roofs and painting of Charleston Place homes or power washing of Williamsburg homes. Owners are responsible for insuring their homes’ interiors and contents.

Each home’s Article V Unit Fund can be used at the owner’s discretion, as a reimbursement for exterior work on his or her property. This usage is restricted to the items spelled out in the CC&Rs. If you have questions about what expenses the Unit fund covers, contact Pioneer or the HOA board president.

To be reimbursed for Article V Unit Fund repairs, mail a copy of the paid invoice to Pioneer Real Estate Services, 611 S. Congress Avenue, # 510, Austin, TX 78704. Include a note indicating that this is for repairs under Article V to a specific address. Your Unit Fund will be debited the amount of the invoice and a check will be written to you. If sufficient funds have not accumulated in your fund to cover the invoice amount, the check will be written for the amount in the fund.

To find out the balance in your Article V Unit Fund account, please call:

Pioneer Real Estate Services (512-447-4496).

The unit fund resides with each address, not with the owner. When the property is sold, the fund remains attached to the unit and is not refunded to the owner.