Course Schedule Su14

 Week of    Topic
 Research Planning
 May 13th  Welcome to MBA 512
 The Business Research Method

Walliman, N. R. (2011). Research Methods : The Basics. Routledge.
 Research Planning Presentations


Data Collection & Preparation
 May 20th  Data Collection (Virtual Class Session)
 May 27th  Describing Data 


 Describing Data Presentations
 June 3rd  Probability (Virtual Class Session)





Describing Data Presentations
Analysis & Interpretation 
 June 10th  Introduction to Hypothesis Tests
...for video lectures, click the hyperlinks below
  • Defining Hypotheses
  • Calculating Test Statistics
  • Stating Conclusions
 One-Sample Hypothesis Tests
  • z-tests for the population mean (if large sample sizes)





 One-Sample Testing Presentations
 June 17th  One-Sample Hypothesis Tests
  • t-tests for the population mean (if small sample sizes)
    • lecture                sit back and learn
    • example             follow along in Excel 
  • z-tests for the population proportion
    • lecture                watch, learn and follow along!
    • example             follow along in Excel 
  • How to Present a Hypothesis Test

 One-Sample Testing Presentations
 June 24th  Two-Sample Hypothesis Tests
...two sample tests compare values between two samples...
  • for the population proportion
 Two-Sample Testing Presentations
 July 1st  Two-Sample Hypothesis Tests
...two sample tests compare values between two samples...
 July 8th  Simple Linear Regression

 Regression Presentations
 July 15th  Multiple Regression   HW16 
 July 22nd  Time Series Variable and Forecasting  HW18
 July 29th  Time Series Variable and Forecasting  HW20?,
 Forecasting Presentations
Final Presentations
 August 5th  6pm
  • Yearly Flu Shots
  • Caffeine vs. Productivity
  • Teen Drug Use 
  • Craft Beer
 August 12th
  •   Aggressive Driving
  •    Bone Marrow
  •   Legalization of Cannabis
  •   Peanut Allergies
  •   Physical Activity vs. Mental Health
  •   Private Universities
  •   Work/Life Balance
  • Vaccinations vs. Autism
  • Americans Work Too Hard
  • Do Exams Measure Ability?
  • Minority Students & Study Abroad
  • Secondary Education Opportunities

The intention of the midterm presentations is to get you accustomed to presenting and summarizing data, accompanying analysis and the impact of the findings. Each student will prepare two individual mid-semester presentations - one presented live in front of the class (which should last ~6min), and one prepared in Prezi (with no supplemental audio) 

If you are completing a presentation, you are exempt from that week’s HW assignment. Each of the presentations is to be completed individually and uploaded into D2L. Each presentation is worth 100 points.