Henry Student Center Ballroom

Welcome Wilkes University staff, faculty, and students. The following site has been created to help you book the Ballroom, located on the second floor of the Henry Student Center. I encourage you to request the Ballroom through Outlook (instructions provided in a link to the left in "Outlook Instructions"). If you are a student, or an off campus organization and do not have access to Outlook, please contact myself or another faculty or staff member to create a room reservation request. Before requesting the Ballroom, you can check the availability via the calendar link to left.

Some pertinent information about booking the Ballroom:

1) The Ballroom holds approximately 250 people and has the following technology options:
    a. Cable TV
    b. VHS
    c. DVD
    d. Projector with laptop connection
    e. Wired, and wireless microphones

2) If your event requires extensive set-up and/or is going to be catered by our food services, you need to check with BOTH Kenneth Hanadel (4669) AND Michael Raub to see if set-up will need to begin the night before...PLAN ACCORDINGLY WHEN SUBMITTING YOUR REQUEST.

3) Please be sure your event complies with our Reservation Guidelines in regards to outside parties, alcohol, etc.

4) For instructions on booking the Ballroom through Outlook click here.