Project Lead by: Maddy Mortimer and Andy Lea

I have a passion for art. So, for my senior year, I wanted to do my big project on something art related.Then I had an idea ~ What if I attempted to create my own graphic novel? I finally found something I was passionate about and turned it into a learning experience, which is what makes Wildlands unique in it's learning experience.

We had a great start first semester; we had a plot outlined, a team of interested people, characters starting to develop, and drawings being created. Second semester rolled around and the project kind of lost steam. Both Andy and I became busy with other senior projects, and we couldn’t spend the time that this project required. There was a lot to go into a project like this, and it was important to make sure everyone was free to spend a lot of time on it.

Being the main artist of the group, most of the drawing fell to me. As much as I love drawing, this was a lot of work that I hadn’t realized I was taking on myself. I drew the first couple pages as a practice, and it took me way longer than I expected. I had many late nights, trying to figure out the layout and different perspectives. It was very time consuming, but by the end, we had the first pages of our novel that we could be proud of.

This project taught me a lot. If I could do it all over again, I would try to start out smaller and have more specific deadlines. I would have loved to try a small comic series that would be “released” every month or so to the school. If you are interested in starting a project like this, I would highly encourage you to do so. It was awesome to do a project about something I was really interested in. You may choose to continue this project, or start your own. Whatever you do, please look through this site and build off the progress we have made.

 ~Maddy Mortimer

Final Video