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Teach Wilderness First Aid!

Be a Wilderness First Aid Course Guest Lecturer.

The Wilderness First Aid Course (WFAC) is a 501c3 educational non-profit with an all-volunteer staff.  Students receive high-quality, inexpensive training in first aid oriented toward environments where professional medical help is days away: wilderness, third-world countries, civil emergencies.


About WFAC

  • WFAC is a 3-day, live-in course at a wilderness lodge on Mt. Baldy (in the mountains north of Los Angeles), taught twice a year, typically May and October.

  • Resident staff consists of 4 instructors: 2 career RNs and 2 veteran ski patrollers.

  • A senior member of a local Search and Rescue (SAR) team lectures on organizing the rescue and working with SAR.

  • The staff has decades of experience in hiking, backpacking and technical climbing.

 About the students

About 32 students per class, typically...

Backpacking trip leaders

Technical climbing instructors

Scout troop leaders who expect to lead wilderness outings

Sheriff’s deputies, rangers at local parks

A few RNs and MDs

See what an extraordinary course this is and how exciting it is to be part of it!

Click here to watch WFAC students talk abouttheir WFAC experience

About You

  • Participate in at least one day of the course once or twice a year.

  • Present lecture topics and supervise skills practice and accident simulations.

  • Expect good food, good company, lodging (dormitory style or camping) if you stay overnight, pride in being part of a first-rate teaching organization that is making the world a safer place, and warm thanks from the students.
    Because of our limited budget, the WFAC neither pays its instructors
    nor reimburses travel to the course location. We do provide lodging (Thursday through Saturday nights) and meals (lunch Friday through lunch Sunday).

Your Qualifications

1       At least 80 hours of formal training in first aid or emergency medicine (EMT, OEC, paramedic, RN, MD, other)

2    Substantial experience in hands-on patient assessment and care (using skills from item 1)

3    Substantial wilderness experience or time spent where professional medical care is days away – hiking, backpacking, rafting, long-distance sailing, trekking, Peace Corps or other

4    Teaching experience or an interest in teaching adults

5    Willingness to commit to participation in the WFAC three months in advance of the course

6    Ability to work comfortably as part of a team of instructors from various medical backgrounds and to present the WFAC position on topics taught at the course

* * * To apply for a Guest Lecturer position * * *

Please send an informal resume of qualifications,
addressing qualifications 1-4, above, to Steve:

Requests for additional information are welcome.