Dave Crumb
US Forest Service  Helitack Superintendent
This is my second time having Nate as an instructor. Nate is an excellent teacher and did an incredible job with this class. His experience in high risk operations is obvious and he communicates this knowledge to his students in a very effective manner. I look forward to having Nate work with our program again. 

Caitlin Standish

Outward Bound Field Instructor
I’ve been fortunate enough to have had Nate twice now as an instructor. Nate is an educator that strikes a perfect balance between being instructive and ceaselessly engaging, a quality that I aspire to reach in my own work. I always came away from his lessons well-informed and laughing as well. I would be delighted to take another course with Nate. 

Dave Zinn

World Class Kayak Academy Head Coach & Classroom Teacher
Global Operations: USA, Canada, Chile, and New Zealand
Nate teaches by combining a solid knowledge base, experience, and humor. His approach provides an engaging atmosphere in which participants thrive. I have observed many effective educators in my years in the outdoor industry, but was thoroughly impressed by Nate's enthusiasm and style. 

Kent Ford
Performance Video & Instruction
ACA Instructor Trainer Educator, 2-time Slalom World Champion
...Thank you, the pleasure was totally mine in working with you, thanks for the inspiration on the teaching energy. I really enjoyed your presence in the class and the intense passion in your teaching.... 

Dhiren B. Talpade
Magic Bus India
Outdoors Centre Group Leader
Karjat, Maharashtra, India
Nate’s style of imparting outdoor skills is unmatchable. A healthy mix of theory and scenarios delivered by an experienced and focused professional with a superb sense of humor is a rare combination to find. I have had the best time learning complicated terminologies and procedures, and being able to retain the skills all thanks to Nate. 

Cara Newton
Adventures Cross Country Instructor
National Outdoor Leadership School Instructor
Nate is one of the most effective teachers I’ve ever met. He has a presence about him that just makes you want to learn all you can from him. I’ve had the pleasure of being instructed by Nate in two different course types. He brings out the humor, yet mature-side of every situation making everyone in the class more open to learning. Nate makes education fun and instills confidence in the complicated skills learned along the way. 

Ron Taylor
Fire & Rescue Lieutenant-Paramedic
Nate obviously loves what he does. His enthusiasm is contagious. This class made me get excited about the river. I would definitely recommend a Wilderness Rescue course and Nate as an instructor. 

Brandon Smith
Search & Rescue Commander
Thank you Wilderness Rescue for the fantastic training! Nate had a endless bag of tricks that he taught us how to use. People learn on different levels but Nate had no trouble reaching everybody and connecting with them. The absolute best training I've participated in. We look forward to having him back to enlighten us all. 

Theron Williams
Fireman EMT-I
Nate Ostis was the best instructor that I've ever had. He fielded questions with ease and answered students in an encouraging and rewarding manner. He has a proficient knowledge base, but is always open to new ideas and methods. Best class ever. 

Bhupendra Adhikari “Eddy”

De-N-Ascent Expeditions
Owner- Field Guide & Instructor
Rishikesh, India
Nathan worked with us in India establishing safety and rescue in high volume rivers. We admire his experience and appreciate his sharing with our team. We look forward to having Nathan back in the Himalayas for rescue workshops in the near future. 

Devon Barker
World Champion Surf Kayaker
2 time National Freestyle Champion

Nate has an incredible ability to create a comfortable learning environment where all learners are supported and encouraged to try new skills. I was able to push myself during our training sessions because I knew Nate would support my learning. 

LeeAnne Martin
Director Mountain Trail Outdoor School
Hendersonville, North Carolina
As the director of an experiential education program, I've always appreciated the format of wilderness training with its hands-on simulations and lecture. Typically, classes are led by wilderness professionals who don’t necessarily have the skill of a trained teacher. As a result, the lecture portion can be a bit tedious. However, Nate is not your typical instructor. He definitely has the comprehensive rescue knowledge base, but it is his teaching style and nuances that make him extraordinary. Nate uses diverse teaching techniques to reach all types of learners, supplementing lectures with graphs, picture diagrams, mnemonic devices, and music. In addition, he is just naturally engaging. He is obviously passionate about the field and wants to share in his knowledge. 

Jwalant Gurung, MBA
Crystal Mountain Treks   Nepal
Founder of "3 Summits for Nepal"
The majority of students taking these courses love playing outdoors and generally detest sitting in a classroom all day. Nate’s unique approach keeps students engaged through anecdotal teaching as a fire medic and wilderness field instructor. This was instrumental in making the learning both more pleasurable and unforgettable... 

David Hughes
New River Kayak Academy.   President- Huge Experiences
Fayettville, West Virginia
I was very impressed with your ability to meet students individually, arrange dynamic group meetings, and carry a high rapport with both faculty and students. Open communication is vital. I appreciate you making it a priority to perform professionally. Thanks for all your efforts. 

Eric Vincent
Field Guide & Instructor
As an ACA Instructor for the past 12 years I have seen some of the best instructors in the business; Nate Ostis ranks in the top tier of the best of the best. Nate’s ability to create a relaxed, fun environment, while maintaining a high level of professionalism, speaks to his calm demeanor and sincere desire to share a wealth of knowledge and practical skills related to kayaking and safety on the water. Nate encourages each student and colleague to reach his or her potential and has an innate ability to serve as a springboard, or crutch, depending on an individual’s need. I came away from Nate’s class a better instructor, and a revived hunger for improving my own teaching techniques. 

Brian 'B Real' Ward

Kayaker Extraordinaire
Nate’s experience as a wilderness rescue expert is expressed through his passion for the sport and the people involved. As a class V kayaker, Nate knows the importance of a quick and efficient rescue. He allows you to experiment with multiple safety techniques, good and bad, in a safe and controlled environment. This is the second time I've had him as an instructor and he's one of the best I've ever had.

Gisela Pérez De Acha
Wilderness Medicine and Whitewater Graduate
....I’ve now been Nate’s student twice. His very unique teaching style effectively blends humor with creative presentations. Nate respectfully balances having fun with being serious. 

Scott Gallic
Rock Climbing Instructor
Nate's ability to keep the attention of his audience combined with his detailed understanding of wilderness rescue results in an ideal learning environment for outdoor professionals serious about safety. I'm convinced his message of detailed risk assessment, safety and high level of professionalism resound within his students to make them better practitioners. 

Brett Gleason
River Guide
Nate is an amazing teacher and a powerful communicator with new students learning new skills. He teaches with years of river miles on his back and with many personal experiences in swiftwater rescue. 

Kip Spittle

Dear Nate & the Wilderness Rescue team, I wanted to send my sincere gratitude for all your care and guidance on our recent course. I really appreciated your style, demeanor and professionalism you brought to the table every cold morning. The information and training you delivered has unimaginable value to my confidence, understanding, and respect for the river and the safety that MUST come with it. You lead by example; you enhance calm and raised the bar on all of us. I hope to paddle with you in the future. Shazam! Until next time, Kip Spittle