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Skill Set Training Videos

Curious what a NOLS Wilderness Medicine course will teach you? Explore the videos below for some of the skills you'll learn. Search Youtube, Facebook, and for more videos from NOLS. Or go to the NOLS contact page HERE.

WMI of NOLS: The Patient Assessment System  
This video below introduces the systematic approach to assessing all our patients.

WMI of NOLS: The Focused Spine Assessment:  
This video below is a great review of how to justify releasing spinal control for a patient with a positive MOI for spine.

WMI of NOLS: Usable Ankle Splint 
(Dynamic Splint that supports function)

WMI of NOLS: Unusable Leg Splint 
(Fixation Splint that immobilizes function)

WMI of NOLS: Pelvic Wrap

WMI of NOLS: Forearm Splint

WMI of NOLS: Humerus & Elbow Splint

WMI of NOLS: Clavicle Splint

WMI of NOLS: Blister Care

Wilderness Risk Manager's Conference
We highly recommend the WRMC to all folks working in the outdoor industry. It is held in October each year which the location moving from coast to coast.

YouTube Video

Have you practiced a verbal patient report lately?
Be sure to practice writing and speaking verbal patient reports as a part of your regular routine training regime. This is a critical skill set for all care givers.

Evac U Splint