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My current station,  a couple of  Kenwoods, a TS-950SDX and a TS-850SAT.  A 20 year old Alpha 89, still with the original tubes, completes the setup.




                                        Here's a vintage operating position consisting of mostly Drake C-Line.  There is also a Drake 2B visible on the top shelf.
This is a shortwave listening post.  The receivers are (Left to Right, Top to Bottom) a Drake R4B, a Collins 51S-1, a Drake R8B and a Drake R7A.
As a CW operator I enjoy trying different keys.  Here's a few I have acquired over the years.
                                      Three keys for electronic keyers.  Top is a reverse engraved March dual lever marked "Prototype 2005" on the underside.               
The middle key is a rare green based Vibroplex single lever and the bottom one is an unusual single lever WBL.