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Boatanchor DXing

So what do you do while you're waiting for the next major DXpedition, with the sun still uncooperative and having worked nearly everything that is currently available on the air? You add a little challenge and start over! Boatanchor Dxing keeps my interest up while waiting for an exotic locale to come on the air and conditions to improve. There's a good deal of satisfaction resurrecting old rigs and putting them back on the air. The transmitter is a Heatkit DX-60 and the receiver a Drake R-4B. An Hallicrafters HA-5 VFO adds versatility to the transmitter and lets you chase DX up and down the band. A Timewave DSP 599 ZX is a concession to modernity and gives the R-4B new legs. A Radio Shack frequency counter keeps the VFO honest.  A Begali Simplex Mono paddle, AEA MM-3 keyer, Kenwood wattmeter and 12v power supply round out the station.
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