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SCA Items For Sale:

(for everyone else, the SCA is a non-profit group I belong to that does historical re-creation).

Feast and Camping  (see linked page)

- Clothes:

about 6 pieces of loaner stuff

Sewing, Crafts, and Fabric (see separate page)

(Note: General use tools and materials are listed on the Tools and Materials and Lumber pages.  If its of special
interest to SCA members its here)

9 inch Damascus Bowie Knife $100
5 inch Damascus Hunting Knife $80
LOTR Glamdring (Gandalf) replica sword with leather wrapped handle and leather scabbard $75
Flintlock Pistols (mechanism and trigger works, non-firing) $ 25 each
Pirate Cutlass with metal scabbard and shoulder strap $80
Spanish FencingSword (no scabbard) $25

Pottery kiln

Large electric kiln, that I picked up used and not running properly (probably corroded contacts or broken heating element preventing it from getting to full temperature).  I figured it could not be too complicated to repair, since its just an overgrown toaster with control box and heating coils.  But I  never got my shop built so its never been worked on.

Period/hand woodworking tools

Aside from the normal modern power tools, I have collected an assortment of period/hand woodworking tools, everything from broadaxe, to chisels, mallets, carving blades, etc.

- Books: (700 volumes SCA interest books total)

(Note: I have lots more books to be listed on the Books for Sale page)

In the Office: (255 volumes on two bookcases

Number of items by subject in Office:

Religon/Mythology/Magic (13), Philosophy (3), General History (14), European History (19), England/Scotland/Ireland (22), France (6)
Other Europe (12), Other Countries (11), Food & Cooking (6), Village Life & Women (14), Music (12), Architecture (13), Art (29)
Furniture (12), Literature & Drama (39), Crafts (30)

In the Sewing Room: (60 volumes of sewing, costume history, and crafts books)

In the Library Room: (373 volumes of SCA interest books, more details to come)