Assorted Titles
Chris Chau - CIRCLE Entertainment

January 2012 - While most (developers and gamers alike) have moved on from the more obscure takes DSiWare offers, one team has demonstrated active commitment to the cause. In the time they've developed for this platform, not one, but multiple series of games have come to the fore, including Castle Conqueror, Come On!, and The Lost Town. And with a handful of titles still on the way to continue ... 

Fractured Soul
Grant Davies - Endgame Studios

October 2012 - I'm told that game development can be an unforgiving field to work in, and the more I learn about the struggles smaller teams have had to go through, the more I realize the truth of those words. When you have a vision that you feel really strongly about and even have solid execution to accompany conceptual thought, to have your ideas shot down or otherwise be hampered at every turn ... 

Laurent L., Cédric B., Sébastien C. - Neko Entertainment

October 2012 - The increasing interest in independent game development has made it less of a rare sight for pet projects to experience a considerable measure of exaltation from the community and press alike. But preceding their honourable ascension is often a tale of passion-fueled creativity and uncertain payoffs -- stories I'm often eager to absorb. Puddle is one such project-turned-game ... 

Toki Tori 2
Collin van Ginkel - Two Tribes

August 2012 - Without even having come to a close, 2012 has been one exciting year for Two Tribes. The team has been hard at work shaping the forthcoming follow-up to the game that launched their company to success as an independent game developer. At the mention of a sequel, gameplay enhancements are some of the first highlights, but Two Tribes is commendably moving in a direction that ... 

Bit Boy!! ARCADE
Bernd Geiblinger - Bplus

July 2012 - Nintendo-focused developer Bplus is notable for having very split opinions for all three of their games. Shifting focus to Nintendo 3DS for the first time, they are currently preparing their fourth game, Bit Boy!! ARCADE for a Nintendo eShop release this calendar year. We managed to get in touch with Bernd Geiblinger and ask him a few questions and get some exclusive gameplay ... 

Chasing Aurora
Martin Pichlmair - Broken Rules

July 2012 - In seeking to attain perspective, it is not uncommon to hear of individuals chasing after dreams and passions, taking backpack trips to far-flung lands or immersing themselves in initiatives to reach long-term goals. However such persons go about their journey of self-discovery, they are effectively charting for themselves a course that leads on into the future. Painting a landscape of their own ..

Marvel Pinball 3D
Mel Kirk - Zen Studios

June 2012 - After being impressed by how impressive Zen Pinball 3D was, it certainly is great to see Zen Studios returning to the 3DS platform with Marvel Pinball 3D. Also created for the eShop, the game plans to bring an experience that fans of comics and pinball alike will enjoy. With each individual Marvel character not only having their own following but also their own individual universe ... 

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
Paul Weaver - Junction Point

May 2012 - Ever wield a paintbrush before? If so, you already have something in common with Mickey Mouse as he makes an awaited return in Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. This time, though, the hero plans to share the glory for his artistic saving abilities. With a new partner now taking center stage, the sequel promises to have a strong co-operative component to drive players forward ...

Gamers at Work
Morgan Ramsay - Entertainment Media Council

April 2012 - In the face of uncertain conditions and internal struggles, persons with aspirations set towards the game industry can take comfort in the fact that there continues to be growth. Years ago, some of the positions currently available did not exist, and the thought of starting your own game development company seemed foreign. Today we see the pursuit of such endeavours has been made ..

MCF: The Malgrave Incident
Shawn Seavers - Big Fish Games / Masa M., Azusa T. - Nintendo of America

September 2011 - 
From puzzle games to their famous hidden object games, Big Fish Games has a very wide audience. Although their titles usually have universal appeal, I am personally not a fan of their past hidden object titles. The Malgrave Incident, however, made a few key changes that were very integral in my enjoyment of the game. Intrigued, I spoke to Shawn Seavers of Big Fish Games ...

Tetris 3DS
Tony Tran - Tetris Online

August 2011 - 
One title that may have slipped under the radar for many on the 3DS is the new Tetris title. Announced before E3, this title combines classic Tetris fun with new modes and features only possible on the Nintendo 3DS. I was lucky enough to be able to ask one of the producers, Tony Tran, some questions, and below you can see his responses. First of all, the name “Tetris” -- is this going to ..

Go! Go! Kokopolo
Keith Webb - Tanukii Studios

August 2011 -
In an industry that is full of safe players, it is so refreshing for me to experience games that aim for something wackier. More than likely, this was the very thought that ran through my mind when Tanukii Studios first revealed Go! Go! Kokopolo for DSiWare. This was a long time ago, mind you, but there was something about the way the game looked that led me to having confidence ..

Cubic Ninja
Ken Awata - AQ Interactive

June 2011 -
This month saw the overseas release of Cubic Ninja, a game developed in Japan by AQ Interactive. During the time leading up to its launch, though, I was already intrigued by the idea of this quirky title thanks in part to the cheesy promotional commercials created for the game. So I decided to get in touch with the development team to find out more about Cubic Ninja, not only for the 

Alex Neuse - Gaijin Games

June 2011 -
Last time we interviewed Alex Neuse of Gaijin Games, we were just on the verge of the release of the final title in the series, BIT.TRIP FLUX. Now that all six titles are available on WiiWare, the team is in the process of bringing two different collections to market: BIT.TRIP SAGA on the 3DS, and BIT.TRIP COMPLETE on the Wii. Naturally, we invited Alex back to discuss these new compilations

chick chick BOOM
Bogac S., Steve W., Ivica A. - tons of bits

June 2011 - 
As many of you already know, Jack, Daan and myself are big fans of chick chick BOOM. And so it was only a matter of time before we would get a chance to converse with the tons of bits team about their game. Instead of a traditional Q&A, we thought it would be more fun to see if the team would be up for something different. That's right -- the Wiiloveit Lounge is back! ..

RedLynx Team
May 2011

Alex Neuse - Gaijin Games
January 2011

Brian Provinciano - Vblank Ent.
Retro City Rampage
October 2010

Takahiro Nishi - GAME ARTS
The Magic Obelisk
September 2010

Richard Hill-Whithall - Icon Games
Soccer Bashi
July 2010

Périn - Yullaby
June 2010

Stephane Capo - Assoria
Move Your Brain: Rollway Puzzle
May 2010

Juan Gril - JoJu Games
Mart Racer
November 2009

Jose Giacomelli - Cosmonaut Games
5 Spots Party
October 2009
Left Field Productions
James Higgens
Left Field Productions
August 2009
Hudson Logo

Hudson Soft
Hudson Games
July 2009
Part One - Part Two
Bernd Geiblinger - Bplus
Vektor Tank | April 2009

Lit WiiWare

Matt and Adam - WayForward
January 2009

Niki R&B

Bernd Geiblinger - Bplus
Niki Rock 'n' Ball / PLÄTTCHEN
December 2008
Ace Wu - Keystone Game Studio
Violin Paradise
May 2011

Denis Mercier - Alien After All
January 2011

Edward Di Geronimo - Saturnine
Cosmos X2
October 2010

Bernd Geiblinger - BPlus
Vektor Tank 3D+
July 2010

Janet Smith - The Code Monkeys
Manic Monkey Mayhem
July 2010

Chad Alaksandus - Gevo Ent.
Little Tournament Over Yonder
May 2010

Andrew Lum - Fugazo, Inc.
January 2009

Collin Van Ginkel - Two Tribes
Rubiks Puzzle Galaxy: RUSH
November 2009

  Left Field Productions
Bjorn Larsson - Legendo
The Three Musketeers: One For All
September 2009
Incoming WiiWare
Jag Jaeger - JV Games Inc.
August 2009

Felix Bohatsch - Broken Rules
And Yet It Moves
June 2009

Michael Ferguson
Games Basement
April / May 2009

Eduardo TST by you.
Daniel Coleman - Semnat Studios 
Eduardo the Samurai Toaster 
January 2009 


Nic Watt - Nnooo
November 2008
Brian Etheridge - D3Publisher
Dream Trigger 3D
April 2011

Roel van Mastbergen - Senile Team
Rush Rush Rally Racing
October 2010

Graham Markay - Natsume
Natsume Games
September 2010

Tracy Muir - Limelight Software
Sudoku 4Pockets
July 2010

Eva Gasper - Abylight
Music On: Electronic Keyboard
June 2010

Giorgio Ciapponi - Playstos
May 2010

Jesse Lowther - Medaverse
December 2009

Romain Streichemberger - Exkee
October 2009

Paul Gold - Digital Leisure
Digital Leisure Games
 August 2009

Bernd Gleiblinger - Bplus
Bit Boy!!
June 2009
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Nic Watt - Nnooo
Pop Plus Solo (DSi)
March 2009
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Liight by you.

Nicholas Trahan - Studio Walljump
December / January 2009

Manfred Linzner - Shin'en
Fun! Fun! Minigolf
November 2008
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