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Here you can browse, sort through, and access all the reviews and selected related content in the 3DS software range. Reviews are automatically sorted by the date they were indexed and encompass retail games, 3DS Downloads, and Virtual Console titles.

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GameFormatDeveloper / PublisherGenreScoreRelated Articles
GameFormatDeveloper / PublisherGenreScoreRelated Articles
Chain Blaster Download G-STYLE Shooter 23/30  
Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale Download LEVEL-5 / Millenium Kitchen Adventure 20/30  
Robot Rescue 3D Download Teyon Puzzle 21/30  
Urban Trial Freestyle Download Tate Multimedia / Strangelands Sports / Racing 22/30  
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Retail Nintendo Simulation 28/30 Press Release 
BUGS vs. TANKS! Download LEVEL-5 / Comcept Action 13/30  
Gummy Bears Magical Medallion Download Enjoy Gaming / Clockwork Games Platformer 11/30  
SpeedX 3D Hyper Edition Download Gamelion Arcade / Racing 19/30  
Mighty Switch Force! 2 Download WayForward Platformer / Action 28/30  
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Retail  Nintendo / Monster Games Platformer / Adventure 27/30 Press Release 
Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger Download Nintendo Tower Defense / Action / Adventure 19/30 Media 
Swords & Soldiers 3D Download Ronimo Games / CIRCLE Entertainment Strategy 11/30 Developer Interview 
Gummy Bears Mini Golf Download Enjoy Gaming / Clockwork Games Sports 17/30  
Dress To Play: Magic Bubbles! Download EnjoyUp Games / CoderChild Simulation / Arcade 18/30 Press Release 
The Starship Damrey Download LEVEL-5 Adventure 22/30 Press Release 
Soccer Up 3D Download EnjoyUp Games Sports 17/30 Press Release 
Super Black Bass 3D Retail Rising Star Games / Star-Fish Sports 09/30 Press Release 
Crazy Construction Download G-STYLE Puzzle / Arcade 19/30  
Puzzler World 2013 Retail Maximum Games / Ideas Pad Puzzle 24/30  
LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins Retail TT Games / Nintendo Adventure / Action 19/30  
Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo Download Pixel Toys / Team Pesky Platformer 24/30  
Witch & Hero Download CIRCLE Entertainment / Flyhigh Works Action / RPG 16/30 Developer Interview 
HarmoKnight Download Nintendo / Game Freak Rhythm / Platformer 21/30 Media 
Kersploosh! Download Nintendo / Poisoft Arcade 19/30 Media 
Lola's Math Train Download BeiZ Edutainment 16/30  
Nano Assault EX Download Shin'en Shooter 23/30  
Classic Games Overload: Card & Puzzle Edition Retail Telegames / Cosmigo Card Game 19/30  
Cocoto Alien Brick Breaker Download Neko Entertainment / Bigben Interactive Arcade 22/30  
ATV Wild Ride 3D Download Renegade Kid Racing 23/30  
Coaster Creator 3D Download Big John Games / Gamers Digital Simulation 18/30 Exclusive 
Ikachan Download Nicalis Adventure 18/30  
3D Game Collection Download Joindots Card Game / Board Game 18/30  
Crashmo Download Nintendo / Intelligent Systems Puzzle 28/30 Press Release 
Ben 10: Omniverse Retail D3Publisher / 1st Playable Productions Platformer / Action 09/30 Press Release 
Pokémon Dream Radar Download Nintendo / Creatures Inc. Action 14/30  
escapeVektor Download Nnooo Arcade / Action 28/30 Press Release 
Tokyo Crash Mobs Download Nintendo / Mitchell Puzzle 23/30  
Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!!  Retail D3Publisher / WayForward Adventure / Platformer 23/30 Press Release 
101 DinoPets 3D Download Selectsoft / Teyon Simulation 17/30 Press Release 
Gunman Clive Download Bertil Hörberg / Hörberg Productions Action / Arcade 24/30  
Aero Porter Download LEVEL-5 / Vivarium Simulation / Puzzle 16/30 Press Release 
Liberation Maiden Download LEVEL-5 / Grasshopper Manufacture Shooter / Action 22/30 Press Release 
Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask Retail Nintendo / LEVEL-5 Puzzle 27/30 Press Release 
Johnny Impossible Download UFO Interactive Platformer / Action 14/30 Press Release 
Gardenscapes Download Joindots Hidden Object / Simulation 21/30  
Murder on the Titanic Download Joindots Hidden Object / Adventure 17/30  
PIX3D Download Gamelion Puzzle 16/30  
3D MahJongg Download Joindots Puzzle 19/30  
Paper Mario: Sticker Star Retail and Download Nintendo / Intelligent Systems RPG / Adventure 20/30 Press Release 
Tumble Pop Virtual Console Data East / G-mode Arcade 15/30  
Monster Shooter Download Gamelion Action 19/30 Press Release 
2 Fast 4 Gnomz Download QubicGames Platformer 15/30  
NightSky Download Nicalis Puzzle / Platformer 26/30  
Johnny Hotshot Download UFO Interactive Arcade 15/30  
Dress To Play: Cute Witches! Download EnjoyUp Games / CoderChild Simulation 15/30 Press Release 
Crazy Kangaroo Download Gamelion Arcade 18/30  
Mario Kart 7 Retail and Download Nintendo Racing 23/30 Preview 
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Retail and Download Nintendo / Grezzo Action / Adventure 30/30 Media 
Super Mario 3D Land Retail and Download Nintendo Platformer 29/30 Preview 
Star Fox 64 3D Retail and Download Nintendo / Q-Games Shooter / Adventure 26/30 Feature 
Balloon Pop Remix Download UFO Interactive Puzzle 19/30 Press Release 
Fractured Soul Download Endgame Studios Platformer 24/30  
Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure Retail Disney Interactive Studios / High Impact Games Adventure 15/30 Press Release 
Samurai G Download UFO Interactive Action 20/30 Press Release 
THE "DENPA" MEN: They Came By Wave Download Genius Sonority RPG 23/30  
Rising Board 3D Download odenis studio Sports / Action 22/30  
Game & Watch Gallery 2 Virtual Console Nintendo Arcade 27/30  
Toki Tori Virtual Console Two Tribes / Capcom Puzzle 24/30  
SpeedX 3D Download Gamelion Arcade / Racing 15/30  
Outdoors Unleashed Africa 3D Download Teyon / Mastiff Simulation / Hunting / Action 22/30 Press Release 
Jewel Master: Cradle of Rome 2 Retail Rising Star Games / Cerasus Media Puzzle 17/30 Press Release 
VectorRacing Download Arc System Works / Sweet-Soft Racing 18/30  
New Super Mario Bros. 2 Retail and Download Nintendo Platformer 19/30 Feature 
3D Solitaire Download Zen Studios / Game-Ever Card Game 13/30 Press Release 
Crazy Chicken Pirates 3D Download Teyon Shooter / Action 09/30 Press Release 
Dot Runner: Complete Edition Download INTENSE Action 17/30  
Touch Battle Tank 3D Download Silver Star Japan / Agetec Action 10/30  
Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] Retail SQUARE ENIX RPG 22/30 Press Release 
Marvel Pinball 3D Download Zen Studios Pinball / Arcade 26/30 Developer Interview 
Prince of Persia Virtual Console Ubisoft Adventure 20/30  
Kirby's Pinball Land Virtual Console Nintendo / HAL Laboratory Pinball / Arcade 21/30  
Planet Crashers Download Ignition Entertainment / Renegade Kid RPG 12/30  
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Retail SQUARE ENIX / Indies zero Rhythm / RPG 24/30 Feature 
Sweet Memories Blackjack Download CIRCLE Entertainment Card Game / Simulation 09/30  
Johnny Kung Fu Download UFO Interactive Arcade / Action 16/30 Press Release 
The Phantom Thief Stina and 30 Jewels Download Silver Star Japan / Agetec Action 17/30  
Order Up!! Download Ignition Entertainment / SuperVillain Studios Simulation 22/30  
Bomb Monkey Download Renegade Kid Puzzle 24/30  
Mighty Switch Force! Download WayForward Platformer / Action 28/30  
Madagascar 3: The Video Game Retail D3Publisher / Torus Games Adventure 13/30 Press Release 
Kirby's Block Ball Virtual Console Nintendo / HAL Laboratory Arcade 20/30  
Art of Balance TOUCH! Download Shin'en Puzzle 28/30 Media 
Spider-Man: Edge of Time Retail Activision / Beenox Action / Adventure 09/30  
Shifting World Retail Aksys Games / Fishing Cactus Puzzle 17/30 First Impressions 
Mad Dog McCree Download Digital Leisure / Engine Software Arcade 13/30  
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 3D Retail Konami Sports 24/30 Press Release 
Dillon's Rolling Western Download Nintendo Tower Defense / Action / Adventure 23/30  
3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure Download Nintendo / HAL Laboratory / AKIRA Platformer 26/30 Feature 
Catrap Virtual Console ASK / Nintendo Puzzle 21/30  
Mario Tennis Open Retail Nintendo / CAMELOT Sports 21/30  
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins Virtual Console Nintendo Platformer 26/30  
Golf Virtual Console Nintendo Sports 19/30  
3D Classics: Urban Champion Download Nintendo / AKIRA Fighting / Arcade 09/30  
Pyramids Download Enjoy Gaming Puzzle / Action 17/30  
Super Mario Land Virtual Console Nintendo Platformer 20/30  
Bird Mania 3D Download Teyon Arcade 18/30 Press Release 
Tennis Virtual Console Nintendo Sports 13/30  
Burger Time Deluxe Virtual Console Data East / G-mode Arcade 20/30  
Block Factory Download Enjoy Gaming Puzzle 05/30  
Game & Watch Gallery Virtual Console Nintendo Arcade 26/30  
Side Pocket Virtual Console Data East / G-mode Sports 17/30  
Adventure Island Virtual Console Hudson Soft Platformer / Action 13/30  
Samurai Sword Destiny Download UFO Interactive Action 16/30  
Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions Retail NAMCO BANDAI Games Action / Arcade 22/30 Feature 
Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword Download Nintendo Action 22/30  
Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble Virtual Console SEGA Platformer 19/30  
ARC STYLE: Soccer 3D Download Arc System Works Sports 12/30  
Lock'N Chase Virtual Console Data East / G-mode Arcade 27/30  
Balloon Kid Virtual Console Nintendo Platformer 21/30  
Nicktoons MLB 3D Retail 2K Play / Black Lantern Studios Sports 14/30  
Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH! Download Shin'en Sports 24/30  
Dragon Crystal Virtual Console SEGA RPG / Action 21/30  
Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Retail SEGA / Nintendo Sports 16/30 Press Release 
Radar Mission Virtual Console Nintendo Strategy / Action 17/30  
FIFA Soccer 12 Retail EA Sports 19/30 Press Release 
Nano Assault Retail Majesco / Shin'en Shooter 21/30 Feature 
3D Classics: Xevious Download Nintendo / NAMCO BANDAI Games Arcade 14/30  
Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights Retail Konami Adventure 18/30 Feature 
Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove 3D Retail Natsume / Santa Entertainment Rhythm 25/30  
Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy Retail NAMCO BANDAI Games Flight Simulation / Aerial Combat 26/30  
Mutant Mudds Download Renegade Kid Platformer 29/30  
James Noir's Hollywood Crimes Retail Ubisoft Puzzle 15/30 Press Release 
Frogger 3D Retail Konami / Alpha Unit Arcade / Action 21/30 Feature 
The Hidden Retail Majesco / 1st Playable Productions Adventure 11/30 Feature 
VVVVVV Download Nicalis Adventure / Platformer 23/30 Preview 
Brunswick Pro Bowling Retail Crave Games / Farsight Studios Sports 10/30  
Zen Pinball 3D Download Zen Studios Pinball / Arcade 28/30 Preview 
Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Retail Activision / Vicarious Visions Action / Platformer 24/30  
Zoo Resort 3D Retail Ubisoft / Marvelous Entertainment / AQ Interactive Simulation 23/30  
Cars 2: The Video Game Retail Disney Interactive Studios / Firebrand Games Racing 12/30  
Sonic Generations Retail SEGA Platformer 20/30 Feature 
DreamWorks Super Star Kartz  Retail Activision / Virtuos Racing 10/30  
Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic Retail Majesco Entertainment / Cooking Mama Limited Simulation 20/30 Press Release 
Cave Story 3D Retail Nicalis / NIS America Adventure 26/30 Press Release 
Pet Zombies Retail Majesco Entertainment / 1st Playable Productions Simulation 16/30 Media 
Nikoli's Pencil Puzzle Retail Konami / Hudson Soft Puzzle 18/30 Press Release 
BIT.TRIP SAGA Retail Gaijin Games / Aksys Games Rhythm Action 19/30 Developer Interview 
Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection Retail Crave Games / Farsight Studios Pinball / Arcade 23/30  
Cartoon Network: Punch-Time Explosion Retail Crave Games / Papaya Studio Fighting 23/30 Press Release 
SpongeBob SquigglePants 3D Retail THQ / WayForward Action 08/30 Media 
Tetris: Axis Retail Nintendo / Tetris Online / Hudson Soft Puzzle 25/30 Developer Interview 
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked Retail ATLUS RPG 29/30  
3D Classics: Excitebike Download Nintendo / AKIRA Arcade / Racing 23/30  
Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Stealth Force Edition Retail Activision / beHAVIOUR Action / Fighting / Vehicular Combat 07/30  
nintendogs + cats Retail Nintendo Simulation / Application 27/30 First Impressions 
LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Retail LucasArts / Traveller's Tales Adventure / Action 18/30 First Impressions 
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game Retail Disney Interactive Studios / Traveller's Tales Adventure / Action 15/30  
Super Monkey Ball 3D Retail SEGA Puzzle / Party 21/30  
Dream Trigger 3D Retail D3Publisher / Art Co. Shooter / Arcade 22/30 Developer Interview 
Cubic Ninja Retail Ubisoft / AQ Interactive Puzzle 17/30 Developer Interview 
Dead or Alive: Dimensions Retail Tecmo Koei / Team Ninja Fighting 27/30  
Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition Retail CAPCOM Fighting / Arcade 23/30 Press Release 
Steel Diver Retail Nintendo Simulation 19/30 First Impressions 
Pilotwings Resort Retail Nintendo Flight Simulation 21/30  
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D Retail Konami Sports 23/30  
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars Retail Ubisoft Strategy / Tactical RPG 27/30  
Rabbids Travel in Time 3D Retail Ubisoft Platformer 19/30  
Aspalt 3D Retail Ubisoft Racing / Arcade 17/30 First Impressions 
Madden NFL Football Retail EA Sports / Arcade 16/30  
Bust-a-Move Universe Retail SQUARE ENIX / AKIRA Arcade / Puzzle 17/30  
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