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Preparing for Star Fox 64 3D

9th August 2011; By KnucklesSonic8

If you’re like me, you probably feel as I do about the wait for
Star Fox 64 3D. I am dying to get my hands on the game and experience this re-make in all its glory. But in the meantime, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get myself in the mood for the game this month in preparation for its September release -- besides going through the entire campaign of the original. I have come up with five different things we all can do to help with the month-long wait. And no, doing a barrel roll isn’t one of them.

Read the latest issue of Nintendo Power
On the cover of the August 2011 issue of Nintendo Power, you’ll find Star Fox 64 3D has been advertised as the feature game of choice for the month. The cover looks so purrrrrty. Ahem. On pages 50 and 51 of this issue, there is a brief Preview article on the game. The article itself may not present any new information, but it’s a nice refresher alongside the lovely screens. Oh, and it contains not one, but two references to Peppy’s most famous line. Score!

Re-acquaint yourself with Slippy’s original voice
Oh, Slippy... Without you, Star Fox would be almost incomplete. The joy you’ve brought into our lives because of your stupidity/lack of common sense cannot be forgotten. Part of what made Slippy so hilarious both inside and outside the game was his wretched female-sounding voice -- made that much more hilarious whenever he sounded upset. Alas, now we need to prepare ourselves for a new voice altogether in Star Fox 64 3D. Will those same lines have the same hilarious effects? Probably not, but you never know. Maybe his voice will give us new memories. We’ll just have to wait and see. At least we can still laugh at his incompetence! So with that in mind, go watch a clip of Slippy being his usual self on YouTube, and remember: point and laugh.

Make a record of your favourite in-game quotes

I love dialogue in games, don’t you? Many can attest to the fact that Star Fox 64 was riddled with humorous lines that, 'till this day, are still often quoted for laughs. After so many years (even in the game’s absence), I still can’t get Slippy’s lines out of my head (yes, him again). "Hey, what’s the big idea?!", "This is really starting to tick me off!", "It’s too hot! I can’t take it anymore!". Okay, that last one I had to remind myself of, but the others are just too memorable to forget. 

Honestly, I would purposely shoot my teammates or harm Fox just to hear them squeal. I’m terrible, I know. But come on now, anyone who’s played the game surely has a folder of quotes they’ve mentally carried with them over the years since the N64 release. Why not make a list, or better yet, a video of your favourite quotes. A quick search on YouTube will reveal that many already beat you to the punch years in advance, but just doing this little exercise will surely remind you of just why you’re so excited to play this game again in a different format.

Listen to the soundtrack again
YouTube is great for getting re-acquainted with video game music from the past, so this is an obvious thing to add to your to-do list before Star Fox 64 3D releases. I don’t know about you, but when I played the N64 release many years ago, I didn’t really pay a whole lot of attention to the music. Actually, let me re-phrase that. Besides the obvious tracks like the classic Corneria theme and the epic boss battle music, there were some stages where I was just so into the game that I didn’t even notice the quality of some stage themes. 

Listening to them outside the game is a different context altogether because instead of having your visual senses heightened during the heat of a battle, you can actually give some of these tracks a proper listen. Keep in mind, Star Fox 64 3D will feature remastered songs so that gives you added reason to do so. Besides, it’s likely been a while since you last heard some of the, let’s say, more obscure songs from the original game, so why not take a moment now to listen to some of them at some point this month?

Re-watch the E3 Video on Your 3DS

Probably the closest thing to the game without actually having it, the 3D gameplay trailer from E3 is a great way to psych yourself up for the upcoming shooter. Personally, it’s my favourite of the 3DS game trailers that have been released so far. Watching it again and again makes me smile knowing that it’s only a little while longer before I can have it in my hands for real, and it also makes me impatient over not being able to play it right away. 

Other than the appealing benefit of getting a taste of what the game holds out to 3DS owners with actual 3D in effect, as you watch the trailer on your system, you can even pretend to play using the gyroscope controls as it gets to the mid-way point. Don’t worry, no one will judge you. Let’s hope you still have access to the video because as of last month, Nintendo took it down from the eShop. Otherwise, you’ll just have to settle for YouTube. Sorry.

Okay, so maybe these five things will actually produce the opposite effect and make you go insane over another 30-day wait, but I think we can all get into the Star Fox spirit. So we can waste spend even more time thinking about what's soon to come, feel free to send me a message if you end up doing one of these or even something you thought of yourself. Before long, Star Fox 64 3D will arrive in stores just in time to relieve us of the summer drought.

Feature by KnucklesSonic8
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