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Patrick's Most Anticipated 3DS Titles

22nd March 2011; By Patrick

Fresh off the heels of Murat, here are my top 5 picks. You'll notice that none of them are from the launch lineup. That's because I received a good amount of launch games alongside my 3DS unit, so I do not "anticipate" them. Without further ado, here's Number 5!

5. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona (Tentative) | Developer: Persona Team / Publisher: ATLUS
First, allow me to make myself clear: Persona is a
spin-off series from SMT. I own six
copies of Persona 3 (PS2, PSP) and two of Persona 4 (PS2). No joke. Obviously, I love the series. It's always about high schoolers with supernatural powers, their relationships, and their quests. Regardless of whether this is a port/remake or an old game or something totally new, I'm very confident in Persona Team - especially after Catherine (360/PS3).

4. Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D | Developer: Kojima Productions / Publisher: Konami
Having played the entire series since
MGS1, I can safely say that Snake Eater (PS2) was my all-time favourite. And not only am I looking forward to playing what was once heralded as a huge achievement on the PS2 on a handheld with little to no processing/graphics loss, the idea of a full stealth game, crafted by HIDEO KOJIMA who will use the system to it's fullest potential just excites me to no end.

3. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked | Developer & Publisher: ATLUS
SMT: DS was released for the DS in 2009. It was an SRPG with a
beautifully-constructed story about three high schoolers who are trapped with demons in a Tokyo lockdown and must use COMP's (DS-style Computers) to summon demon allies and save the world. I played the heck out of it, and to date it's one of my favourite DS titles ever released. This remake will contain remastered graphics, over 20,000 (!) lines of voice acting, and an entire extra chapter! Just don't expect much 3D - most of the game will be on the bottom screen.

2. Vektor Tank 3D+ | Developer: Bplus / Publisher: Unknown
Bplus is one of my favourite developers, having released
Plattchen Twist 'n'
Paint, Niki Rock 'n' Ball
, and Bit Boy!! on WiiWare. Since Vektor Tank was
announced for Wii, I've followed it closely. Then on March 7th, 2010, they revealed it would be releasing for the Nintendo 3DS instead! As you can see in our Interview with Bernd of Bplus, it's very promising, and I'm confident it will be amazing!

1. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance | Developer: Unknown / Publisher: SQUARE ENIX
Kingdom Hearts 1
(PS2) was my favourite game of all time; Kingdom Hearts II (PS2) made everything flashier and the combat more fun; and Birth by Sleep (PSP) added in a new combat system that was later improved upon in Re: coded (DS). Now, with that same combat system, the flashiness and fun of Kingdom Hearts II, a new story to tell that intrigues me to no end (sorry, can't spoil it-beat Re: coded and BBS and get the secret endings to find out), and the promise of one of my favourite gaming series in 3D is amazing. Oh, and also: A console-style Kingdom Hearts game on a Nintendo handheld? Yes please!

Stay tuned for Jack's Top 5 picks, coming soon!

Feature by Patrick
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