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Our picks of the year's best and worst games!

January 2012 - "Some would say 2012 was an uncomfortably turbulent year for the industry at large. Others are of the opinion that it brought about good discourse and sparked positive change. However you spin it, a lot went down this past year. Just on the Nintendo side of things, we saw Wii support fall away as it reached the end of its lifespan, the 3DS came into its stride and was helped by the launch of the XL and unique IPs, the arrival of the Wii U and the growth surrounding its new Miiverse service ... more

Looking at the first part of Nintendo's ad campaign

November 2012 - Before, we merely had glances and glimpses into what was to be a new brand of experiences unique to the Wii U. Now, we're getting awfully close to seeing these take more realistic shape on an international scale. With only a few weeks till launch, Nintendo revealed, several hours ago, the first component in a developing advertising front with the goal of generating hype in what has, quite frankly, been doubted since its reveal. Part of this reaction stems from the lack of concrete translation of ... more

Why the song selection merits parental consideration

October 2012 - Informed parents who govern household purchasing decisions recognize that while ESRB ratings serve as an indicator to game elements one could possibly take issue with, it is by no means a substitute for further research in line with what they do and do not want their children exposed to. Of course, this doesn't take into account the perception of what factors have a weighty bearing on whether a game is filed with an E10+ or Teen rating. But that's for another day. A thought has been festering ... more

Some helpful tips to aid you in your journey!

September 2012 - They may be small, and they may seem to not take things very seriously, but the Denpa Men sure know how to make an entrance all on their own. Yes, underneath all those cute smiles, these brave little creatures can hold their own just fine. Even still, they are by no means an indestructible force, and the dungeons they find themselves investigating can take a toll when they're at the mercy of an ill-prepared manipulator. And so, with today marking the arrival of THE "DENPA" MEN: They Came By Wave ... more

Could the game's Effect System bear connections to the Wii U's vision?

September 2012 - There's been quite a bit of talk on asynchronous gameplay in the past few months, particularly when it comes to the Wii U. Thankfully, we have yet to reach a point where the mere mention of the word causes irritation, but by the same token, this push for synonymous association also has yet to see proper realization. Reasons behind this lack of cohesion should be apparent to anyone who's been tracking the system's development; reasons I will choose not to delve into at this time ... more

Childish or something more?

August 2012 - Life is very much a process of adaptability, so we are always learning from and being shaped by experiences presented to us. Maturing by means of this exposure, our senses gradually become less and less enamoured by reusable tactics of jocularity. That's what we like to think, anyway. For some, no matter how many times they've seen it happen, it's amusing to watch a virtual character proudly put itself face-to-face with an entity only to then be chased by it. It could be because we see little ... more

With reference to Trace Memory

August 2012 - Contemplating the array of emotionally-charged ventures each of us can undertake on a personal level, breaking free from one's past can prove especially taxing. Of deep spiritual importance is the ability to conquer internal burdens, and in calling to mind the complexity of these lofty goals, thoughts can gravitate towards the necessity of arbitrary decisions. Yet, the encircling process -- often preceded by more insistent variables -- is similarly, if not more expansive and should ... more

An inspiring and educational web series with much to offer

August 2012 - Respecting the fact that there's a fair share of it taking place already, advocacy is something the gaming industry could sure use more of. When such efforts are directed with an educative purpose in mind, the end result is often one that reflects goals of establishment, clarification, exposure, and/or equalization. Sometimes all four. But that's still just one side of it. With respect to the vast knowledge base seen on an internal level, we who are active observers are very privileged to be ... more

LEVEL-5 sets a good example with Professor Layton

August 2012 - Blue, sunny skies are perfect weather conditions for puzzle-solving, so contends Hershel Layton, main protagonist of the Professor Layton series of games. Citing the need for a clear mind and a level head, such advice leads me to question why we often categorize the solving of puzzles as a rainy day activity. Nevertheless, it is that very sort of ahead-of-the-game thinking that quickly bore within me a desire to connect with this well-mannered character type from his first adventure in Curious Village ... more

What function could this method have in the production of growth?

July 2012 - When it comes to resurrecting something that has lost potency or deciding to channel the inner workings of a system in a new way, it's interesting to observe how a lack of direction can overpower any desire to keep a universe thriving. Misplaced emphasis can lead to outcomes where the final execution isn't sure what it wants to be, and instead of having a beaming vision through which players can form connections and attachments, not so much as a flicker is produced in the name ... more

A consideration of this telling documentary!

June 2012 - From its original conception as a documentary to detail the process in independent video game development, I have taken a keen interest in Indie Game: The Movie. Produced by debut filmmakers Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky, it seemingly transformed into a gripping emotional journey that follows three developers in the process of development. The film follows Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes in their struggle to finish development on Super Meat Boy and get it released on Xbox Live Arcade ... more

Will DreamRift's design choices win out in the end?

June 2012 - Other gaming mascots better watch out, because the release of The Power of Illusion will mean Mickey's third major game appearance for the year 2012 -- other two being Kingdom Hearts 3D and Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. Serving as a handheld spiritual successor to Castle of Illusion and what appears to be a close relative to DuckTales, The Power of Illusion promises to be a strong experience all on its own without relying heavily on Disney Epic Mickey's anticipated sequel to give it ... more

Lack of excitement for a Mario game? What gives?

June 2012 - If Nintendo were to ever pursue a sequel to Super Mario Land, I can definitely see people rejoicing. Some hold that game in high regard as one of the finest adventures Mario has ever had, notwithstanding the excellent use of 3D to further the experience and, really, the 3DS itself. When a sequel to a successful game is announced, it is to be expected that some sort of a proceeding would take place in its honor, even if that is but a round of cheery applause. So why is that when Nintendo ... more

Perhaps this wasn't the best approach?

June 2012 - A lot of people have taken such a liking towards the original LEGO Batman that its return should come as no surprise. In the upcoming sequel -- subtitled DC Super Heroes -- the black-caped fellow is joined by a host of new friends. As Lex & Joker team up to take over Gotham City, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, and Superman all lend a hand in an ongoing good-vs-evil battle. But in examining the sort of atmosphere this could create, is it wise for them to take such a step? What kid wouldn't welcome ... more

In what ways could Nintendo have done a better job?

June 2012 - Unusually mediocre. That's how I would describe the presentation Nintendo did yesterday at E3. There were statements this week after the presentations of the other big contenders that Nintendo had E3 in the bag -- that is, if you're into the whole industry veteran wars deal, something I've grown to have a distaste for. Business-wise, I truly thought they knew what they were doing in the way they were positioning their product and how they were going to hype it up. Assurance of this came through ... more

What can be learned from this smart business decision?

June 2012 - Despite the slight annoyance of having this last-minute announcement, it was very smart of Nintendo to host an educational segment before their on-stage presentation. For the purposes of bringing everyone to the same page, tomorrow's focus can center on games, entertainment, and inspirational ideas. In case you weren't taking notes, here are three takeaway points from yesterday evening's Nintendo Direct demonstration. Iwata did something early on that surprised me a little, not just because of what ... more

Key things the sequel should improve upon

May 2012 - Yesterday, SEGA confirmed what many had long suspected -- that the 2010 kart racer, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, would be getting a sequel. A few hours later, I was pleased to find a number of people playing online in the original -- likely in response to the news of the sequel. Participating in several rounds and then heading into some offline sections for a bit of a refresher course, I was reminded of why I had such high praise for it when it came out. While this was happening, I internally replayed ... more

More than just a collection of interviews?

April 2012 - It seems like anywhere you go, there's still more than a fair share of negative talk concerning the game industry. However, if you wish to surround yourself with positive influences, then Gamers at Work will do much more than satisfy. This book offers such a refreshing take on the industry through the viewpoints of seventeen different individuals and their powerfully captivating stories. If you're even remotely serious about the gaming industry, the impact this book will have on you is that of ... more

An ode to Masahiro Sakurai

April 2012 - A longtime diehard got an NES for his birthday as a kid, and, immediately following the first level of Super Mario Bros., declared himself a Nintendo fan for life. A recent convert to gaming bought her first gaming system after a massive price drop, and since experiencing glasses-free 3D, has never looked back. Two individuals epitomizing polar opposite gaming generations, yet sharing one crucial trait: an affinity for Nintendo gaming. Each of us has our own story on how we became Nintendo gamers ... more

A serious misstep for Mario Party?

April 2012 - If you've played any kind of digital board gaming experience, then surely you have experienced the frustration that can stem from an AI's all-too-convenient actions. No doubt, you've also fallen victim to a set of taxing circumstances that happened at the worst possible time. How would you feel, however, if you observed a series of recurring events on the verge of being predictable? Over time, surely you'd feel more than just a little bit of irritation. Perhaps cheated? Victimized? All of the above? At the very least ... more

Just one big interactive cutscene?

April 2012 - One thing that separates video games from other entertainment mediums is interactivity; that is, the ability to control events going on in the game. Several games over the past few years have tried to change this mold by creating a mix of 'video game' and 'movie', where the game attempts to create an experience that it wants you to sit through. The games Heavy Rain (PS3), Dear Esther (PC), and Jurassic Park: The Video Game (PC, PS3, X360) all instantly spring to mind. The common thread among these ... more

Remaining hopeful for the upcoming year!

March 2012 - A year ago, we took a look at our most anticipated titles for the then-upcoming 3DS. Since then, the console has seen its release into the world and has certainly resulted in an eventful year. While Nintendo's newest handheld may not be completely out of the woods yet, with a catalogue of great games already out -- both at retail and on the eShop -- along with a large list of interesting upcoming titles, the 3DS' second year is looking to deliver a lot more fun. I've picked out five titles on their way that get me ... more

Can change be a force for bad?

March 2012 - Recently, I made an appeal to developers to challenge the idea of a conventional sequel, but after spending some time with PokéPark 2 and Mario Party 9, I can now appreciate the fact that this should not always be the case. First, for PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond (review forthcoming), the game follows almost directly in the footsteps of its predecessor. Explore the world, play a mini-game, befriend a Pokémon, rinse and repeat... The cycle goes on almost endlessly. The main justification for this sequel ... more

An extensive look at this successful franchise!

March 2012 - Despite efforts by some to cut it down to size, Mario Party is still one of my most cherished franchises. That said, even I'm surprised at how far Nintendo has been able to take this without it becoming too formulaic or cookie-cutter. While you could probably get away with accusing some of the individual mini-games and boards of following that pattern, the core concept never gets old. As a sort of tribute to all that Hudson Soft did to develop it into the go-to series for party gaming, I felt really motivated ... more

Are there reasons to be hopeful this year?

February 2012 - As an optimistic sort, I'd like to think the worst is over for rhythm gaming, and that it's going to pick up this year. It's hard for me to admit, but I know as well as anyone else that rhythm games are becoming less and less common as the years go by. With all that has happened in the last ten years, I don't blame anyone for feeling despondent about the future of rhythm games. But is there a valid reason for hope as we move deeper into 2012? How did things even reach this point in the first place? ... more

Jack and Patrick share some of their faves!

February 2012 - Rhythm Heaven Fever, the latest entry in Nintendo's musical mayhem series, is heading to the Wii and brings with it the usual mix of catchy music and weird but wonderful scenarios. The game promises to be crazier than ever, introducing the player to golfing monkeys, bobbing birds, corporate pigs, dancing shrimp, rather tall tap dancers and the cutest clock you will ever see; just to name a few of the 50+ games included. Jack and Patrick have spent the last few months playing through ... more

What's so special about Flipper 2?

January 2012 - In the early months of 2010, the DSiWare service was graced with the unique title Flipper. Costing 500 Points, Goodbye Galaxy Games' debut on the service put you in control of a young boy trying to rescue his Goldfish. The game lets you not only navigate the world, but change the world in various unique ways simply by touching it. What started as merely an engine test became fairly popular, gaining a following of players on DSiWare. Coming soon in North America at the time of writing ... more

Our picks of the year's best and worst games!

January 2012 - The time has arrived for us to unveil our Best of Nintendo Awards for 2011! A lot sure has happened this past year in the world of gaming -- a couple amazing departures and more than a few grave turnouts -- but we're here to mostly focus on the positive contributions various developers have made over the past 12 months, and give credit to accomplishments that helped shape our whole year for the better. Just like last year, our Awards cover Wii, DS, WiiWare and DSiWare ... more

How can the 3DS be of assistance?

December 2011 - The importance of the Wii U fitting in with Nintendo's core values is something I touched on in yesterday's feature. Stemming from that discussion on the state of the Wii, I think it'll also interesting to see how the Wii U fares as the 3DS grows stronger next year. As we all know, Nintendo didn't set things up for the 3DS to have such a notable growth from the get-go. Despite being determined to "meet the needs of every consumer" from the moment the first handheld was sold, whether they actually met ... more

What impact will the Wii U have?

December 2011 - As we wrap up 2011, I can't help but give thought to the many exciting things happening in the Nintendo gaming space next year. The most notable of these being the upcoming release of the Wii U. Aside from Skyward Sword setting a sterling example of excellence in gaming, support towards the Wii has been waning this year, which doesn't set things up nicely for the Wii's continual growth come 2012. Even by their own actions, such as the lack of Virtual Console releases and even first-party ... more

Does the original still have merit?

December 2011 - A few exceptions aside, I typically do not fancy fighting games. But after all these years, Super Smash Bros. is one fighter I still feel comfortable playing. While other gamers have since moved on from the allegedly dated nature of the original, why do I continue coming back to it? Although designed as a multiplayer game, I always found playing by myself a lot of fun -- which is more than I can say for other fighters I've tried. This was much better explored in Super Smash Bros. Brawl ... more

Is Nintendo on a slippery slope?

December 2011 - With WiiWare declining and there being a lot less to look forward to, I've been giving thought to how things have progressed over the last little while to reach its current state. In my process, I keep coming back to the same question: What is Nintendo doing about the situation? And in looking at their business model this generation, there have been some lingering thoughts that I feel I need to speak my mind about -- especially with respect to their downloadable services. While Nintendo continues ... more

We reminisce on some memories!

December 2011 - Whether for the cool colours, or the relaxed feeling they often evoke, there is much reason to enjoy ice levels in gaming. While often seen as a staple choice for platformers, they are not partial to one genre, for we have seen these kinds of situations pop up in racing games, RPG's, and even tower defense games. But from your perspective as a gamer, what are some of the most memorable ones that have stuck with you over the years? With the current season in mind, Billy and I have come up with ... more

Why we're in need of more creative games!

December 2011 - Games that break the mold or truly immerse players aren't just a breath of fresh air. And they don't just show up the competition either. When developers craft unconventional, unexpected or even revolutionary experiences, the result is often a game that is to be remembered for years to come. With this in mind, I thought it would be good to draw attention to a couple games that were released this year that really testify to the fact that even despite the proliferation of mediocre or copycat ... more

Can too much Kirby actually be a bad thing?

December 2011 - No matter how you look at it, if you’re a fan of all, or most of Nintendo's core franchises, 2011 has been a fantastic year. Nintendo celebrated Zelda's 25th Anniversary to the point where there aren't even words to describe it; Mario got his first all-new 3D handheld game; the first Star Fox game since the DS’s Command was released, and while a remake, it was still amazing; Nintendo's more casual fans received a new and improved nintendogs; the third Pilotwings game was released for the 3DS ... more

Worth buying to record your games?

December 2011 - The Elgato Video Capture Unit by Elgato Systems is not designed specifically for use with Nintendo systems. It is not even designed for use with video games. "Why are they reviewing it, then?" you might ask. The answer is this: it promises a practical and simple way to record footage from anything with a standard video output cable, from DVD players to Wii's; the latter of which we will be focusing on. The first thing I will put forth is the price. The unit does not come cheap. The unit costs ... more

The eShop is in great need of improvement!

December 2011 - So, today I went to the mall. I had no idea what I wanted, but I decided that window shopping would pique my interest. The first thing I see as I walk in is a game store trying to sell me short cartoons. "Whatever", I thought. So I walked in front of the next store. It was a store trying to sell me the hottest new things, but it only had six things in it, one of which is shameful! This shopping trip was already putting me off. I then passed by a third store that had .. 
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Brighter days ahead?

November 2011 - Although some would argue that the whole lot of them are poor, the range of quality with licensed games is all over the place. In the last few years, we've seen both good and bad efforts as this unending cycle of licensed material continues to wreak havoc on the industry. It probably sounds a lot worse than it actually is, but there's no shortage of these sorts of games, from video game adaptations of animated films to popular children's television shows. Only seldom do these manage to break the ... more

How does this battery enhancement fare?

October 2011 - If one good thing came out of Nintendo's decision with the 3DS' battery life, it's that third-parties have been able to profit from that with their own battery enhancements. Hyperkin is one such company that has taken note of the potentially inconvenient situation in hopes of providing consumers with a safety net. With their patented Powerplus accessory designed exclusively for the handheld, Hyperkin has already put themselves out there as an early trendsetter much like Nyko ... more

Selections to finish off the GBA line-up!

August 2011 - If you own a 3DS and connected to the eShop before today, you will find yourself enrolled in Nintendo’s Ambassador Program. Over the next few months Nintendo will be sending 20 downloadable classics your way both as a thank you for supporting the system so early in its life cycle and as an apology for any disappointment caused by the upcoming system price cuts. The selection of free games includes 10 classics from the NES as well as 10 games originally released on the Gameboy Advance ... more

Only a month away!

August 2011 - If you’re like me, you probably feel as I do about the wait for Star Fox 64 3D. I am dying to get my hands on the game and experience this re-make in all its glory. But in the meantime, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get myself in the mood for the game this month in preparation for its September release -- besides going through the entire campaign of the original. I have come up with five different things we all can do to help with the month-long wait. And no, doing a barrel roll isn’t one of them ... more

More than just a quick cash-in?

August 2011 - One of the new products Memorex had on display at E3 this year was a special Racing Wheel designed for the Nintendo 3DS. And now, that item is available in select stores across the nation for an MSRP of $10. A quick cash-in or a polished accessory? Memorex's Racing Wheel accessory falls somewhere in the middle, releasing to the market before it can even prove its worth. The first thing you'll notice with the Racing Wheel is how similar in shape it is to the Wii Wheel -- you know, except for the fact that ... more

Will the controversy end?

August 2011 - The game industry’s frustration towards the used-game market is understandable. With retail chains such as GameStop selling off second-hand games for 100% of the profit, it’s easy to see why developers would be interested in trying to earn wages off the sales of their products. After all, gamers are paying developers to make the games, right? That’s their job, and we’re their source of income. Without us (the consumer) they don’t earn money, and without money, they can’t continue ... more

WiiWare & DSiWare that could be revamped!

July 2011 - With the launch of the eShop on the Nintendo 3DS last month, users can now download a range of titles directly onto their system, following in the footsteps of WiiWare, DSiWare and the Virtual Console services. With a host of new features, such as StreetPass, motion control and the 3D display, developers now have more tools than ever to use in their games, allowing new ideas and improvements previously not possible. Below I’ve picked out five titles, previously featured on WiiWare and DSiWare ... more

We pick the best of the best!

June 2011 - After the success that was the Top DS Picks feature here on Wiiloveit, I decided it was about time to round up all the troops to do a 'Best Of' feature for the DSiWare service. I sincerely hope you enjoy it! The Art Academy games taught me that I could actually draw and paint, which is something that no one else has ever managed. The tutorials are easy to follow, help you understand why you should be doing certain things and the end product is always 100% yours. The ability to draw your own pictures after the ... more

Has this new feature met our expectations?

June 2011 - Far from a seamless and user-friendly process, using the 3DS System Transfer to bring my DSiWare titles, recordings and photos did not turn out the way I expected at all. Call it a rant or call it drawing attention to the truth, the whole process of bringing your previously-purchased games over to the Nintendo 3DS has left me quite upset. Here's why. First off, there's the tool itself. Although the Pikmin animation that runs on your Nintendo 3DS during the transfer is amusing, it seems like a rush job ... more

Does Nintendo still have much to learn?

June 2011 - Boy was it ever difficult to connect to the eShop late Monday night. After a long delay that met with even more delay time leading up to its release, it was great to finally see an online service appear on the Nintendo 3DS. Many feel this should have been incldued from the get-go, and while I don’t necessarily feel as strongly as some do about the matter, I definitely feel that the eShop plays a big role in providing additional content and continuing the trend of player satisfaction. It’s exciting just thinking ... more

A wrap-up of the Wii U's preliminary details!

June 2011 - After months of speculation, the Nintendo Stream / Beem / Traybake / Café was today revealed to be known as the Wii U. Slightly underwhelming name, some might say, but it does its job. Whereas the Wii was all about social and multiplayer gaming (hence the "we" sound), the Wii U adds a completely new layer of gaming, so that users can also have the console all to themselves. How so? Let's talk. The Wii U includes a brand new method of gaming on home consoles - via a 6.3 inch touch screen, complete with ... more

Looking back on this great puzzler!

May 2011 - Thinking about my time with Toki Tori this week was quite the memory trip. Early on when the WiiWare service was just getting started, this one-of-a-kind puzzle title sprouted up and turned out to be more memorable than I could have imagined. After getting addicted to popping bubbles, the idea of leading a chicken to its young brethren wasn't the most farfetched idea to me. Not one to write off cute-looking games, I gave it a shot and ended up coming away from it with a very positive attitude ... more

Should you wait a couple months?

May 2011 - Hard to believe that in just a few days, we'll reach the two-month mark for Nintendo's newest handheld. Remember the grueling wait? How about those spurts of 3DS-related news that kept flowing in? Well all that has come and gone, and now the complaints have switched subjects from "When will it get here?" to "Where are the good games?" But I've been using my 3DS on and off since launch day, and now I feel I've played it enough to justify the write-up you see before you. If you're still on the fence after so ... more

Key moments in the series that will stick with you!

May 2011 - I've been thinking a lot about the Professor Layton series lately and how much these games have reached me on a personal level. Today, I felt an urge to reflect on some key moments/scenes/chapters -- whatever you want to call them -- that really embody some of the true brilliance Level-5 has shown in crafting these different experiences. That and I'm getting impatient for more news on Miracle Mask's localization. So sue me. Right off the bat, I'd like to issue a fair warning that while I try to keep ... more

Musical samplings from select third-party 3DS titles!

May 2011 - Included with the latest issue (Vol. 204) of Japanese gaming magazine, Nintendo Dream, was a promotional item that's worth taking note of. Subscribers were treated to a music CD featuring 19 different songs taken from a couple third-party 3DS titles. Referred to as "The Fastest Sound Preview", the collection offers high-quality tracks from games like Zoo Resort 3D and Samurai Warrior Chronicles. And so, because we love video game music so much, we've put these promotional songs up ... more

What games would we play if we were stranded?

May 2011 - If you knew in advance that you would be stranded on a desert island, what games would you take to keep yourself entertained while you awaited rescue? Throughout this week, some of us will be answering that very question. Instead of a set number of games, each team member has been given 5000 Wii Points to spend on any combination of titles from the Wii Shop Channel, as well as the chance to nominate one game they just couldn't quite fit into ...   
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A good move or is it a little too late?

May 2011 - Hearing Nintendo officially confirm the 'Nintendo Selects' collection today was good news, as I'm sure you'll agree. Surely, this great marketing endeavour will encourage Wii owners to purchase some of the best games on the system when they're listed at such a reasonable price! Nintendo has announced that the "must-own games" they'll start off with are The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Animal Crossing: City Folk, Mario Super Sluggers and Wii Sports. Yes that's right, Nintendo is releasing Wii Sports as ... more

Step-by-Step and Spoiler-Free!

April 2011 - As I brought out in my review of this game, Escape Trick is not an easy game by any means. In fact, it can be very frustrating as you get closer to the end. But I suppose you wouldn’t expect anything less from a game that tasks you with busting out of a prison. So with this in mind, I have decided to create this simple step-by-step guide for those who are in need. Note that this is not meant to be a means of speeding through the game. In fact, I’d encourage you to only use this guide if ... more

Musical packages of some catchy 3DS tunes and jingles!

March 2011 - Only a few hours left before the Nintendo 3DS is available in all regions -- this calls for a celebration! Like any good celebration, it all begins with the music. To honour the release of the Nintendo 3DS, we are going to deliver special music packs that you can download for whatever you like, including your 3DS now that it accepts MP3's. In our first musical package, we bring all the brief jingles of the Nintendo 3DS Menus. From the happy tunes of the StreetPass ... 
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We look back at some of the DS' best games!

March 2011 - With the Nintendo 3DS launching tomorrow in Europe, and Sunday in North America, I thought it would be a good idea to commemorate the DS in some fashion. Serving as gaming's greatest and most successful handheld ever to release, it would certainly be appropriate to draw attention to some key titles that contributed to the system's success. And so, I decided to rally the troops and ask members of the staff here at Wiiloveit: "What are your five favourite DS games?" Read on for the outcome! ... more

Upcoming 3DS releases that we're excited about!

March 2011 - With the 3DS only two days away from it’s European release, I honestly have mixed feelings looking at the systems currently announced titles, with a large chunk of it taken up by ports to reiterations of games from the ‘3D Revolution’ era. This isn’t too surprising considering the system’s main selling is its 3D parallax barrier screen, but thankfully there are also a large number of interesting new titles on the way too, making use of the system's capabilities ... 
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Are these exclusive goodies worth your hard-earned coins?

February 2011 - Welcome to the very first Club Nintendo Swag Analysis feature where we take a closer look at some of the rewards available through the North American hub. For our first article, we'll determine whether or not the Kirby Patch Sets are worth your coins or not! First added to the rewards area mid-December of last year, the collection comes in two different sets each with its own pair of character designs from Kirby's Epic Yarn. The first contains two of Kirby's transformations seen in the game ...  
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Which perks will you use?

February 2011 - 
Similar to the Reflex Perks Guide feature I posted last year for Modern Warfare, I thought it would be a good idea to repeat that but with Black Ops this time around. Despite the feature being slightly overdue, I believe this is one of those guides that continue to go unnoticed by many players who purchase perks without knowing what exactly they are capable of. Well, now you have the chance to read up on and select the perks you think is best for your play style! ... 
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Experiences that are worth reminiscing over!

February 2011 - 
Feeling inspired by The Book of Awesome, one of my favourite reads last year, I'd like to introduce you to a new regular feature on Wiiloveit! "Awesome Gaming Moments" (AGM for short) has been designed to reminisce on some key instances in the world of gaming that led to feelings of laughter or inner delight. Pretty much all Nintendo systems are fair game, even the classic systems. We'll regularly look back on both shared experiences that we can .
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Are these downloadable songs worth your Wii Points?

January 2011 - 
Viewed comprehensively, I'm very pleased with the DLC selection Ubisoft has put forth towards Just Dance 2 thus far. The picks feel well-rounded with a good number of them being worthwhile purchase. Of course, that can't be said of all the songs but that's exactly where this feature comes in. I'll briefly be analyzing some of the songs currently available in the online Store to give you a better idea of what to expect after you select the Download button ... Skip to: Part 1  
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Part 3   Part 4   Part 5

Our picks of the year's best and worst games!

January 2011 - 
Welcome one and all to Wiiloveit's second-annual Best of Nintendo Awards feature for 2010! Our awards focus on all of the current Nintendo platforms, including Wii, DS, WiiWare and DSiWare. This year, we decided to do something different from the 2009 awards. Over the past few weeks, Team Wiiloveit has gone through a series of nominations and votes to come up with the feature you see before you today. Because of the range of opinions we have here, we allowed for two choices during the voting stage ... 

Which games would really benefit from a demo?

December 2010 - The year 2010 was filled with a number of surprises, one of which was the return of WiiWare's demo system. With an even stronger promise for potential and success amongst deserving developers, it's been off to a great start so far, wouldn't you say? As we move into the new year, I thought now would be a good time to bring this up. The following is a list of 15 released titles that I think would really benefit from jumping on the demo bandwagon. Here are my picks ... more

Is this one actually worth a read?

November 2010 - The Happy Prince and Other Stories is one of the 10 downloadable titles featured in 100 Classic Books. Through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, you have the ability to cram a few more works into your collection, including this one. And it so happens that Oscar Wilde's collection of short stories is a pretty entertaining read. I'd recommend you give it a look next time you're trying to figure out what to read next. The first story is 'The Happy Prince' where an interesting tale unfolds as a bird ... more

Could this surpass Hottest Party 3?

November 2010 - 
Ever since the new DDR was announced for Wii, I've been giddy with anticipation, waiting for news on this new endeavour. It's been commented by NAOKI himself that both this and the new DDR for PS3 are "reboots" to the franchise, signifying that Konami may be re-approaching how they handle future console releases. Hopefully these new seemingly-more complex hand motions work well without detracting from the normal experience. However, that's not where my concerns lie at this point ... more

What songs could they add to the online store?

October 2010 - 
When I heard that Just Dance 2 would include DLC, I was really excited. The prospect of seeing new content for this game truly does sound promising. So long as it doesn't pull off a Samba de Amigo by only releasing a few songs, this could be a very successful endeavour. And with the game releasing tomorrow, now's a perfect time to give thoughts to this. Now. it was stated that in addition to adding new songs, they would add some of the best tracks from the original game. I think this is a great idea for ... more

Handy advice on how to become a better player!

September 2010 - HoopWorld can be very difficult at some points. But the more you play, the more tricks you'll learn as you try to build up your confidence for the Crazy tournament. And so to help you get your groove, consult the following guide: a list of hints and tips to give you the assistance you need to get the sought-after trophy. If you tackle your opponent twice, they'll get knocked out on the floor for a couple seconds, giving you an open window to steal the ball. But if another teammate is nearby, they'll quickly 
... more

A look back at some of the site's key moments!

August 2010 - 
Today commemorates the two year anniversary of Wiiloveit.com, and to celebrate, we're here to take a look back at some of the best bits of our 24-month reign, and some forgotten elements that got us to where we are now! ver the years, a site that was once run by one individual has expanded to include a number of contributors. It originally consisted of Billy himself, and then expanded to include Joe, James, and most notably KnucklesSonic8 who took on the responsibility of posting news regularly ... more

The latest info on Cosmonaut Games' next WiiWare project!

August 2010 - 
WiiWare has nearly 250 titles released to date and yet, there are still some genres that still haven't been well-represented on the service. RPG's are definitely the leader in that department. But what do you think would come after that? If not Racing games, then likely the Tower Defense genre, represented by only a handful of games. Well, you'll be happy to know that there's a developer out there who's taken notice of this, and has effectively been working on an exclusive TD game for the WiiWare service ... more

What kinds of add-ons could the developers make available?

August 2010 - 
It was encouraging to hear that Virtual Toys would be taking note of what the fans had to say about DLC possibilities. I'm really hoping that the team follows through, and soon. So to give them some ideas, the following is a series of suggestions of potential add-ons I'd like to see added to the in-game Shop. And whether you agree with my thoughts or not, if you've given this great a game a try, I encourage you to express yourself on what you'd like to see too. So the first set comes in the form of new modes
... more

In what possible way could this be a valuable resource?

July 2010 - Whether this is your first time hearing of this or not, you'll likely be thinking to yourself "What's the purpose of the book?". I wondered the same thing when I first saw it. After giving it a read, I found that Wii Fitness for Dummies is informative, and actually very practical for the average consumer. But your decision to actually purchase this book will largely depend upon your circumstances and how savvy you are with gaming. The entire guide is written with the collaboration of two certified personal trainers 
... more

What can we hope for in the upcoming title?

June 2010 -
After a really good experience with DanceDanceRevolution Hottest Party 3, you could understand my excitement when I found out that Konami will be continuing this sub-series with a new entry. The Hottest Party series has tried to revolutionize the standard franchise, and although there have been some bumps along the way, Konami should feel really proud of what they've been able to accomplish. Each title has had its own share of issues, so I'm hoping that Konami will take all of these to heart when ... more

Now available for download courtesy of EnjoyUp Games!

April 2010 - 
In commemoration of the EU release of Chronos Twins DX, EnjoyUp Games has made the official soundtrack available for download! You can now hear all of the soundtracks from the game right here on Wiiloveit. Below each stream, you'll find a link you can click on so you can listen in a new window. You can also right-click and choose "Save target as" or "Save link as" to download the MP3 files directly to your computer. For information on Chronos Twins DX, be sure to read up on our review of this great game ... more

What we'd like to see in the sequel to Stunt Cars!

March 2010 - 
Late last year, Icon Games released their first WiiWare title, Stunt Cars. Fast forward a few months to March 2010, and the same team has announced that they plan to develop a sequel to their first title. Recently, they issued out a press release enlisting the help of the WiiWare community, looking for ideas and suggestions they could implement in their upcoming title. This is exactly why I have taken the liberty to create this article to help the developers have the right mindset as they develop ... more

Not your typical platformer!

February 2010 - Last week, I published an article giving vague details on an upcoming platformer for WiiWare. It was interesting to see the type of responses people had and the types of speculation that had ensued. Today, I'm thrilled to bring you more news on this intriguing WiiWare development! There were many clues in my original write-up that could have led you in the right direction in terms of what this game is all about. At the same time, many of the clues I did give were intentionally worded ... more

Will these projects ever see the light of day?

December 2009 
- Just like every other console, the Wii has suffered from several great looking titles being cancelled somewhere down the lines of development and production. Some titles didn't even see the light of day before being canned, whilst others just managed to release a single concept art but couldn't find the right audience to tag along. Will we ever see these titles? Who knows. Some may be forgotten forever, whilst others may return in the next generation of consoles ... Skip to: Part 1  
Part 2   Part 3

The benefit of having WiiWare demos!

December 2009 - 
Nintendo recently released demos on the Wii Shop Channel, and as some predicted, the service was a complete success. This is obviously due to certain reasons, mainly because nobody wants to buy a game they haven’t tried before, and sometimes because when a gamer thinks about downloadable games, they often think of short and unattractive bursts of gameplay for a few minutes, after which, the game will be left hanging about with the other channels somewhere on the Wii main menu ... more

Which of the two will come out on top?

July 2009 -
Since WiiWare's inception, we've seen the release of two mini-golf games and surely there will be more to come. How do you decide between the two if you're looking to one of these games for providing you with a good mini-golf experience? Well, you could do what all indecisives do when faced with a tough decision: flip a coin! But if you're hoping to make a more accurate decision (preferably one where you won't get burned) then you've come to the right place. Within this feature, you'll find comparisons ... more