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Desert Island Downloads - Patrick's Picks

13th May 2011; By Patrick

If you knew in advance that you would be stranded on a desert island, what games would you take to keep yourself entertained while you awaited rescue? Throughout this week, some of us will be answering that very question. Instead of a set number of games, each team member has been given 5000 Wii Points to spend on any combination of titles from the Wii Shop Channel, as well as the chance to nominate one game they just couldn't quite fit into their budget. What games will we choose to help pass the days, weeks and months isolated from civilization? Read on to find out!

Today, I takes you through what I would spend my 5000 Wii Points on. I'm using a North American Wii for my choices and spent 4600 Wii Points out of the allotted 5000 Wii Points.

PLÄTTCHEN twist 'n' paint
1000 Wii Points / WiiWare / Bplus

Well, there's the clichéd answer, which is that I'm close to Bplus. Then there's the full answer: it was the first WiiWare game that I honestly got close to, and the sheer amount of content meant that I didn't get bored. There are a few secrets around every corner (including hidden modes), and there's the overall factor that apparently, I'm the best at it, having completed it 100%.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations
1000 Wii Points / WiiWare / Capcom

Trials and Tribulations is my favourite game in my second favourite series. How could I not choose this? Besides, out of all of the five cases, there's only one case that I find even slightly lackluster, and thankfully it's typically forgotten by the time you reach the amazing ending! If you've never played the game before, you should definitely buy it!

Paper Mario
1000 Wii Points / N64 / Nintendo

I'm what you'd call a "Paper Mario Junkie". With the exception of the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy series, Paper Mario is my favourite RPG series. I played the original back when I was little, and never got past about the half-way mark (that stupid forest!!!). Playing it again when it released on the Virtual Console (after I had played Thousand Year Door, of course) allowed me to fully get into it. And not just that, it allowed me to realize all the depth that was in it for an N64 game and how well done the graphical style was. Including the badge system and an amazing-to-this-day soundtrack, how could I not love it? It's better than many retail games today, and at only 1000 points, everyone should have it!

600 Wii Points / WiiWare / Aksys Games

Of the incredibly awesome 6-part BIT.TRIP series, in my opinion, the second has the best soundtrack. Most people disagree with me, but I also think it's the easiest game to get into and have a good time. And I honestly play through all 3 songs on a regular basis when I need to unwind, so I believe that it'd be great to have CORE with me, while I'd obviously be bored, and presumably stressed. The flashing lights and loud noises may also help me get rescued, as well. ;)

You, Me and the Cubes
1000 Wii Points / WiiWare / Nintendo

Well, I don't really know. I was thinking about other games, and this one just immediately jumped to mind. It might be because of the great amount of replayability. It might be the sheer amount of content, or the calming nature. Maybe because of the graphical style. I don't know. The thing about the game is that it just works, and I'm very glad about it. They took a risk, and I'd play it very often on my desert island. 

The One That Got Away

Art Style: light trax
600 Wii Points / WiiWare / Nintendo

Mainly because there's not enough money. I'd love to, and I was going to, but You, Me, & The Cubes just won out. I know Daan in particular is going to be upset at this, but no matter how much I like it, the other five games are ones that I like better. (However, if a Kingdom Hearts game ever does come to WiiWare by any miracle, that'd be all I'd ever play.) 

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Feature by Patrick
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