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Desert Island Downloads - Billy's Picks

11th May 2011; By Billy

If you knew in advance that you would be stranded on a desert island, what games would you take to keep yourself entertained while you awaited rescue? Throughout this week, some of us will be answering that very question. Instead of a set number of games, each team member has been given 5000 Wii Points to spend on any combination of titles from the Wii Shop Channel, as well as the chance to nominate one game they just couldn't quite fit into their budget. What games will we choose to help pass the days, weeks and months isolated from civilization? Read on to find out!

Today, I take you through what I would spend my 5000 Wii Points on. I'm using a European Wii for my choices, and I spent all 5000 Wii Points.

Pokémon Rumble

1500 Wii Points / WiiWare / Nintendo

Despite the fact that I've only ever played the demo, it seems like a perfectly good game that could well last quite a while. It's always been one that's interested me, and although I haven't as of yet produced the points required to purchase it, I can see Rumble being one that could be played for hours and hours on end. Perfect for playing whilst I'm stranded on a desert island!

Super Mario World

800 Wii Points / SNES / Nintendo

Quite simply because it's my favourite game ever. I don't own this myself - my first experience of Super Mario World was in Super Mario Advance 2 for the Game Boy Advance. But I've played it through a handful of times now, and never cease to be astounded by how captivating the twenty-year-old 2D platformer can be. What's more, it'd be perfect to take on a desert island due to the dozens of secrets and bonus levels hidden throughout the game, which should surely keep me going for ages. Plus, I’ll have all the time in the world to adapt to what I find is a slightly-odd button placement after previously getting myself used to the GBA version.

PLÄTTCHEN twist 'n' paint

1500 Wii Points / WiiWare / Bplus

I've been known for being the Bplus fanboy in the past, and whilst I would love to shake off those rumours as untrue (no offence intended towards the Bplus team - I just don’t like fanboy-ism), I still think that their debut WiiWare game provides a good couple of dozen hours of entertainment. What's more, with the difficulty coming nothing short of brain-exploding at times, it should be a nice game to keep myself puzzled and entertained.

Chew Man Fu

600 Wii Points / TurfoGrafx / HUDSON SOFT

Now, with only 1,200 points left, I decided to go for two cheap games, rather than one sole 1,000 point title - primarily because I'll always feel a slight unease towards the remaining 200 points that I was never able to spend. This game is a puzzle title that not many people have heard of or bought, but I still find it to be one of my best Virtual Console purchases so far, with 500 levels, a level editor and a multiplayer mode. It's an innovative concept where players kick balls through walls in order to position them on their respective coloured points in each level. It makes sense if you play it, honest.

Art Style: CUBELLO

600 Wii Points / WiiWare / Nintendo

CUBELLO is easily my favourite of the WiiWare Art Style games, although not my favourite of the entire series (that would be the awesome BOXLIFE on DSiWare). Its hybrid of first-person shooting action and puzzling works really well. And with plenty of levels to play, unlock and replay over and over again to achieve better high scores, this addictive 600-Point title should keep me going for a good while.

The One That Got Away

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King

1500 Wii Points / WiiWare / Square Enix

As much praise I've heard of this one, it's always been one that's only really partially-interested me due to the strategy aspects of the game (a genre I don't always favour, depending on the game in question). Nevertheless, if I had the points handy, I would certainly give it a shot. But as it stands, with two other 1,500 point titles in my selection, adding another would leave me with little else to choose from. In addition to that, I'd also probably resent having DLC options available to expand the game that I wouldn't be able to purchase due to my lack of funds. I know people say you don't need the DLC to play, but the last thing I'd want on the desert island is more torment about things I can't have.

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Feature by Billy
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