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Club Nintendo Swag Analysis - Reversible Pouch

27th December 2011; By Jack

My latest purchase from Club Nintendo is a reversible pouch for storing my 3DS, iPod Touch and other miscellaneous pocket-dwelling items in. Is this something you should look at investing your hard-earned coins/stars into?

These drawstring pouches are available in two different colours: blue and red. When reversed, both are a light gray colour. Each measures 105mm x 74mm and are made from polyester. The pouches are currently available on both the North American and European Club Nintendo websites and cost 250 coins/1000 stars respectively. For the purpose of this analysis, I'll be using the blue version. Apart from their outside colour, both items are identical.

Visually, the pouch has an almost suede-like appearance, with short hair that changes tone depending on its direction. These slight changes in tone give it a bit of patchy feel, which is a lot more visually attractive than if it were a single flat colour. The seams along the edges are good quality and the drawstring itself pulls together tightly, meaning there are no worries of your possessions escaping from the pouch. To the touch, the pouch feels like your favourite fleece that keeps you warm and snug in the winter. The material is so soft and cozy that part of me would love to make a pair of gloves out of them.

The inside of the pouch is made of the same high-quality material, only in a light gray colour and retains all of the charm found on the more colourful side. I was surprised to see that the seams along the edges on the inside of the pouch are just as well done as the outside, to the degree that someone seeing the pouch for the first time probably wouldn't be able to tell that the pouch was, in fact, reversed and they were looking at the inside.

In terms of the finer detail, both the inside and outside of the pouch have a detailing in the lower right corner.  The outside of the pouch features a light gray rectangular patch sewn on, featuring an 8-bit Mario sprite and the word "Nintendo" printed underneath it, both in blue (red on the red pouch). While the patch looks very stylish from a distance, close inspection reveals some inconsistencies in the needlework techniques used on the patch, as well as a few small great lines through 'Nintendo'. This is a little disappointing compared to the workmanship of the rest of the pouch, but thankfully is barely noticeable unless looking very closely. The inside of the pouch instead features the Club Nintendo logo in dark gray and is printed directly onto the material. The logo itself has a rougher, more plastic feel to it, although the printing itself is very well done and looks just as stylish as the patch on the outside.

In terms of storage space, the pouches themselves are very roomy. I could comfortably fit my 3DS, DSi and iPod Touch into the pouch and still have room to spare for a couple of games. As the material inside is the same high standard as the outside, you don't have to worry about scratching. In fact, my iPod often comes out of the pouch cleaner than when it went in. For those of you wanting to store a DSi XL in the pouch, although I cannot test it myself, the Club Nintendo website says it should fit in just as comfortably. One of the other nice features of the pouch is that you can fold down the top of the pouch, making it more suitable to carrying smaller items, as well as giving the pouch a stylish two-tone look. While you can technically fold the bag down as far as you want, after a certain level having so much fabric above the drawstrings level begins to look silly. Therefore I'd say the practical limit to shrinking the pouches size makes it around about a third smaller.

In conclusion, the Reversible Pouch not only functions well both normally and reversed, but its high-quality material and workmanship makes it both soft and stylish. Although there are a few niggling issues with some of the finer needlework, I do not believe this is enough to dissuade someone from picking this item up. Ultimately actions speak louder than words, and the fact that not only have I already ordered another of these pouches (this time in red), but have also had inquiries from other members of my household (who are not gamers) into getting one for themselves should speak for the product's quality and usefulness.

Feature by Jack