Even More Cancelled Wii Games: 2006-2009

We've already listed ten different Cancelled Wii Games this month in our three-part feature, and as we reach the end of our Holiday Countdown, it's time for the conclusion of our list. Below we have five more Wii games which have at some point had to be cancelled for one reason or another, each accompanied with a bit of detail on the game, and why we had to say farewell to it.

Saint’s Row
Developer: Californian Mass Media Inc – Publisher: THQ – Cancelled Year: 2008

As most multiplatform owners or those familiar with the gaming industry already know, Saint’s Row is a pretty popular franchise by THQ on the Xbox 360 and PS3. The game revolves mainly around gang wars from one area to the next, leaving a trail of blood behind the wheels. It is more or less a sandbox game with open world environments. The arrival of Saint’s Row onto the Wii was rumoured until Californian Mass Media Inc officially announced they had cancelled the project, meaning that they were developing a secret Saints Row title for the Wii was under development in fort-THQ. This was cancelled for reasons unknown, but possibly due to issues with porting, or fear of how the market would respond to it on the Nintendo platform.

Developer: Nibris – Publisher: Unknown – Cancelled Year: Unkown

I actually thought this was a fan-made project until someone (ahem - Ed) broke the truth that this was indeed a real game. Sadness was under development by Nibris and featured a black and white style with supposedly excellent graphical capabilities, despite no gameplay footage ever being shown off to the public. The idea of the black and white appearance was part of an attempt by the developers to build up atmosphere in the game, something also implemented by hiding all menu's on screen so that a sense of immersion was created with the player and the world in the game. This was due for release in 2008 but pushed over to Autumn 2009. We’re almost at an end here at 2009 and entering 2010 in just a few days time, so I’d say Sadness is most likely cancelled or somewhere deep in the Nibris studios collecting dust. I’m not saying it will never be released, because it may, but I’m a little sceptical on what goes on behind the closed doors.

Stuntman: Demolition
Developer: Locomotive Games – Publisher: THQ – Cancelled Year: 2008

I’ll get straight to the point with Stuntman: Demolition. This was cancelled because Stuntman: Ignition (on the PS2, PS3 and Xbox 360) had average sales. THQ wasn’t happy with it, and therefore laid the Stuntman franchise to rest, which also meant cancelling the already-in-development Wii version. Just goes to show that even poor sales on multiplatform titles affect Wii exclusive versions somewhere down the line. A real shame.

Developer: Factor 5 – Publisher: Brash Entertainment – Cancelled Year: 2009

I couldn’t find too much information on this game since it was cancelled without too many details. I’m also unsure if it was intended for a multiplatform release, but I’m certain it was in due course for the Wii. I won’t give anyone any false hope regarding whether this title will return or not, since we still have no idea if White Harvest exists after they were reported to have shut down due to bankruptcy.

Animales De La Muerte
Developer: High Voltage Software – Publisher: Unknown – Cancelled Year: 2009

Animales De La Muerte isn’t exactly cancelled. I also have no idea what High Voltage Software plans on doing with it. They announced the game in April 2008 with a snazzy video to aid in the description. It appeared really fun to me and I’d say the visual and gameplay aspects look similar to that of Pokemon Rumble, which is a good thing, however we haven’t heard a word on the title from the developers themselves in quite some time now, despite it being set for a Q1 2009 release, which leaves us to ask ourselves what exactly is going on here? When the time came by, High Voltage reported that the game had exceeded the size capacity on WiiWare. We still have no idea if they’ll cut back on a few things to fit it into the WiiWare limitations or extend the gameplay, graphics and everything else to burn onto disc. With the developer taking on two announced and one unannounced Wii exclusive, I can only presume they have too much on their hands.

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So we come to the end of this long line of cancelled titles, with just fifteen of them mentioned here in comparison to the dozens of other possible Wii titles that were either unannounced or maybe just not quite as hyped up as these ones were. We would also like to thank you, the readers, for making this our most popular feature on Wiiloveit thus far. Thanks again, and we hope you all enjoy the remainder of the holiday season!

(Please take into consideration that some of the vaporware titles mentioned in this article may still be under quiet development, or may still be revived)

Posted 25th December 2009
Feature by Murat