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LEGO Batman 2 - A Missed Opportunity?

posted 6 Jun 2012, 15:11 by Knuckles Sonic8   [ updated 6 Jun 2012, 15:15 ]
A lot of people have taken such a liking towards the original LEGO Batman that its return should come as no surprise. In the upcoming sequel -- subtitled DC Super Heroes -- the black-caped fellow is joined by a host of new friends. As Lex & Joker team up to take over Gotham City, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, and Superman all lend a hand in an ongoing good-vs-evil battle. But in examining the sort of atmosphere this could create, is it wise for them to take such a step?

What kid wouldn't welcome the opportunity to play as their esteemed comic book idols in an environment that is still heavily tied to the Batman universe. I know I, for one, am looking forward to playing as The Flash. But underneath all the immersion that comes from playing as these fictional heroes, I do have to wonder if the development team is trying to do a little too much at once with this game.

What role will these additional characters have and how will they ensure that Batman is still put on top? Will the presence of flying characters like Superman and Green Lantern undermine Batman's role as the star of the show and his own personal qualities, such as being flexible in the face of danger? If, let's say, these characters are used to scope the area and locate villains for Batman to then bring in, then no boundaries would be crossed. So long as their role stays a supporting one, LEGO Batman 2 won't have a problem of a teetering focus. If, however, Batman takes on a less important role as a direct result of this teaming up, then this could warp the tone of the game.

I am pleased to see Traveller's Tales explore a new storyline, but by the same token, their decision to position this a sequel to LEGO Batman might have caused them to miss out on the potential for a new series altogether. With the kind of backup that Batman has in the game, it seems to me that this sequel is awfully close to becoming a game about the Justice League. Again, even though the subtitle is DC Super Heroes, how will the developers ensure that the focus remains on him? Their heart is in the right place by using this strategy, especially as a means of drawing out the young ones. But if they play the wrong cards,
the developer's decision to bring in these support characters as a means of tying in a new storyline could hurt them in the long run. Either way, it's an interesting dynamic I'd like to probe further.