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Review - Donkey Kong (NES)

THE FACTS: Donkey Kong
Virtual Console - NES | 1-2 Players (alternating) | Out Now | 500 Wii Points (£3.50/$5.00 Online)
Controller compatability: Wii remote; Classic Controller; GameCube Controller

Everyone’s heard of Donkey Kong. The great big monkey that throws barrels has been featured in many games, and the mammal’s even had his own computer animated TV series. The original game, however, hasn’t aged very well at all.

    The game consists of three levels in total. You play as a small man (whom was later to be known as Mario) as you must avoid falling barrels and enemies in order to reach the top of each stage, saving the princess from the monster that was captured by.

    The levels are all fairly simple, but once you’ve been through them, there is little want or need to play through them again. Plus, it’s very easy to die in the game since if you fall from any height, that’s above your own height - you’re finished. Combined with the fact that you can’t jump very far over gaps and whatnot in the first place means that whilst this game will always remain a classic, it just isn’t entertaining anymore.

Final Score
Below Average

Gameplay 7
Simple, but the jumping and game speed can really frustrate
Presentation 5
Black backgrounds, quiet background "music" and the occasional "comical" BOWM as you jump - not very enticing
Enjoyment 2
By today's standards, this game is very tedious and hardly any fun at all
Other 2
Alternating Donkey Kong multiplayer, anyone? Anyone?

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