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This site deals with culture-sensitive issues of health promotion in Japan, and in other countries, where people's individualities are formed differently from mainstreams of Western civilization. For example, in Japan, although people's individualities and identities are starting point of health promotion, these are sometimes concealed under the so called "group mentality", a form of collectivism. To help people to rediscover their unique individualities, I developed mental-mapping methods to facilitate dialogs in daily life. Under the belief of multiplicity of intelligence, I adopted tactile cues as well as visual and verbal cues for the mapping. Even under the prevailing atmosphere of group mentality, trend toward individualism and individualization is also obvious in this country. To challenge the negative aspect of individualism, I encourage people to share the uniqueness of life, and to rediscover the joy of human networking toward more meaningful and humanistic health promotion and education.
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    A. Backgrounds    

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    B. Subjects

      Health-checkup    Medical-Interview    Imaging-of-Daily-Life    Lifestyle-Reflection    Risk-Taking    Life-&-World-View    Self-Awareness    Sense-of-Touch    Touch-&-Life    Awakening-Senses

     BB. Methods

      Hand-Drawn-Face-Graph    Symptomatic-Symbols    Two-Dimensional-Mapping    Map-of-Lifestyle    Card-Game-of-Risk    WIFY    Interactive-Imaging    Tactile-Map    Tactile-Survey    Blindness-Experience

    C. Settings

    Primary-School    Secondary-School    High-School    College    Experiential-Practice    Participatory-Lecture    Guidance-&-Coach    Focus-Group-Interview    Case-Study    Intervention-Study    Overseas-Lecture    Overseas-Survey

    D. Further Topics

    Growth-Study    Qualitative-Study    Concept-Map    Salute-Genesis    Constructivism    Experiential-Learning    Low-Vision-&-Mobility    Risk-Management    Volcano-Disaster    Earthquake    Blind-Physiotherapist    Assimilated-Patient    Randomized-Controlled-Trial

Masaki Moriyama,
Feb 26, 2010, 9:54 PM
Masaki Moriyama,
Feb 26, 2010, 9:54 PM