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High School Students

Coming Up in Health Class...

What does good health really mean? Use this article to complete the handout from class.

VIA Youth Character Survey Directions: Take this online survey (follow the directions in the link) to complete "Let's Get Personal."  Make sure you turn it in to be graded.

Extra-Credit Opportunities:

  • Precept & Image: I enjoyed reading Wonder, Augie & Me, and 365 Days of Wonder: Mr. Browne's Precepts this summer.  Each week a new precept will appear on my board.  This precept should inspire kindness and/or depict the importance of health.  Submit a precept to Mrs. Mead.  If your precept is selected, you will be awarded one point of extra-credit to write it on the board with an accompanying image.  
  • Song & Lyrics: Music is the soundtrack for our lives.  I enjoy incorporating music into our daily lessons.  Submit a song and its lyrics to Mrs. Mead that relates to our current topic of study.  If your song is selected to be used in our class playlist, you will be awarded one point of extra-credit.

Below are some resources and documents that will be useful in our first few weeks of class.