Biology (H, A, CP)

Grade:  9, 10, 11, 12
Year Credits: 6
Prerequisite: Strong performance in Grade 8 science and math with teacher recommendation
Graduation Requirement:  Science

Biology is designed to explore the complexities of life and critical living processes at both the micro and macroscopic levels, as well as integrate the skills of a practicing scientist in doing so.  Teachers utilize a multimodal approach to learning in recognition of the varied strengths and contributions each student bring to a classroom, including lab/project work, collaborative discussions, close reading of relevant and supportive texts, and a variety of differentiated and individualized student assignments.  

For the class denoted as Honors, students will be expected to have, or to work toward as necessary, a greater degree of content preparation and foundation before a lesson commences to support meaningful learning.  For Accelerated, teachers will expect greater independence from students enrolled in this course, and progressive improvement of important “student skills,” like self-motivation, study habits, and organization.  Labs are an integral part of Biology and addressed as a function of the normal 4-day rotation as well as a dedicated extended lab period once during each 4-day rotation of the schedule.

A "3-D" model of learning will be used to drive this course, in which science and engineering practices (e.g.: experimental design, analysis and investigation, modeling), and crosscutting concepts that span many disciplines (e.g.: pattern recognition, cause and effect, structure/function) are combined with biology-specific core ideas (e.g.: cellular structure and function, molecular and classical genetics, and evolution and ecology) to allow students to understand and ask questions about the natural world in the way a biologist would.