Course Levels

Many classes in English, mathematics, science, history/social studies, and world language are offered at various levels. Students are recommended for the appropriate course level by teachers and administrators. Among the criteria considered are ability to meet all prerequisites, demonstrated willingness and ability to handle the work at the designated course level, previous course grades, standardized test scores, work/study habits, and student motivation. All course levels are college preparatory.

AP -- Advanced Placement – These courses are the most academically demanding levels possible. Successful completion may lead to college credit. Enrollment in these classes is very selective.

H – Honors – These courses require a high level of academic maturity, interest, ability, reading, intellectual curiosity and the ability to study and work independently. The pace is rigorous.

A – Accelerated – Rigorous college preparatory courses which have a higher academic demand and requirements.

CP – College Prep - Courses with rigorous academic curriculum for college preparation.

No Letter – Ungrouped/not leveled courses